Primary Skit: The Unmerciful Servant

Primary Skit: The Unmerciful Servant






NARRATOR: One day Peter asked Jesus, “how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times?” Jesus answered back to Peter, “say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.” Then Jesus taught using the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant:

One fine day there was a master who had many servants. This was a good master and she let her servants borrow some money. In those days money was called talents and pence. The day came for the master to collect her money back. She called for one servant who owed her ten thousand talents…

Servant 3 leads servant one into the room to stand in front of the master.

MASTER: You owe me ten thousand talent and it is time for you to pay me back.

SERVANT 1: I do not have the money to pay you back today, Master.

MASTER: I have to have that money back. If you do not have it to pay me back, then I will have to sell you and your husband and your children, and all that you have in order to get that money back.

Servant 1 falls down to her knees and begs:

SERVANT 1 (pleading): Please have patience with me, Master, and I will pay back all that I owe you.

Master looks down and thinks for a few seconds, looks kind and concerned.

MASTER (lovingly): I am moved with compassion toward you. I will forgive you of your debt. I will not sell you or your family, and you do not need to pay me back.

SERVANT 1 (grateful): Oh, thank you, Master.

Servant one walks away from the Master to the other side where Servant 2 is standing.

SERVANT 1: You owe me one hundred pence and I want you to pay me back NOW!

SERVANT 2: I do not have your money….I can’t pay you back today.

Servant 1 grabs Servant 2 by the neck and looks like she will choke her.

SERVANT 1 (angry): Pay all you owe NOW!

Servant 2 falls down to his knees and begs:

SERVANT 2 (pleading): Please have patience with me and I will pay you back everything I owe.

SERVANT 1 (angry): No, I will not have patience with you. You owe me the money and you cannot pay it back, so you are going to prison until the money is all paid back.

Servant 1 grabs Servant 2 by the arm and leads her away, pretending to throw her into a prison cell and closing the door. Servant 2 falls on the floor and cries. Servant 3 stands nearby and sees all this.

SERVANT 3: That is not right! I can’t believe she did that! I think the Master needs to know about this.

Servant 3 walks over to the Master.

SERVANT 3: Master, I have to tell you something that has happened. The servant that owed you ten thousand talents; the same servant that you just forgave of all her debts, threw another one of your servants into prison because she could not pay back the one hundred pence that she owed.

MASTER (angry): Go and bring me the servant whom I forgave!

Servant three walks over to Servant 1

SERVANT 3: The Master wants to see you now.

Servants 1 and 3 walk over to the Master together.

MASTER: Oh, you wicked servant! I forgave you all of your debt. I showed mercy to you. Shouldn’t you have had compassion on your fellow servant, the way I had pity on you? You owed me ten thousand talents and she only owed you one hundred pence! Now I am angry with you. I will deliver you to the tormentors until you are able to pay me back all that you owe.

Servant 1 covers his face crying. Servant 3 leads Servant one away by the arm. Everyone except for the Narrator walk away.

NARRATOR: Jesus taught Peter, and all of us, “So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses”. Let us all learn from this story and not be like the unmerciful servant. Let us all forgive everyone the way we want to be forgiven of our Heavenly Father.