Spotlighting Children

Spotlighting Children

This year we started a fun way of spotlighting the kids. This could be used with any theme. We call it “CTR Moments”. Here’s how it works:

1. At the beginning of the year we gave the parents a little letter asking them to write down any special times where their child made a good choice. This could be anything from sharing, keeping the Sabbath day holy, being honest, paying their tithing, etc. We have had to kind of bug the parents to get the info. We would choose 2 kids for each month.

2. On fast Sunday at the very end of primary we would have the pianist play a few lines of “Choose the Right Way” and that would be the clue that we were doing CTR moments. We would have the 2 kids come up and we would share what their parents said about them. Usually the person conducting that month does this.

3. Our secretary (a very creative one!) made a great CTR shield with a handle on the back. After primary the kids who we spotlighted signed the shield and then we took their picture with a digital camera. They would also get to pick a little treat out of our box (stickers, card, pencil – all things we bought at the church bookstore).

4. Their picture then went up on our bulletin board that says: LaVerne First Ward Primary Children are Making Great Choices! We took the picture of them holding the shield and then put their name under the picture.

Our board is almost covered but we still have more kids to do so we will continue into next year. This has been a very fun thing. I think the kids have enjoyed it and like seeing their picture up on the board. My plan is to give the shield to our Bishop when we are all done!