Encouragements while working on Pursuit of Excellence

Encouragements while working on  Pursuit of Excellence

Here are some ideas of ways to encourage sisters to work on this program:

Here are some ideas that I got so far:
In our Ward there was a sister who had the ceramic molds to a 12 piece small
Nativity Set. The idea of receiving one piece of this set a month for work
on the pursuit of excellence program was given to create incentive. The
whole set was displayed so the sisters could see it. They all agreed that
they wanted to do this. It was very successful. On the first of each month
the sisters who had accomplished one of the goals of the program would
receive their piece of the set and at the end of the year they were very
pleased with their accomplishments in the program and they also had a
nativity set to enjoy.
Hope this will help.
K .Street

We suggested that sisters pair up with each other and keep track of how their partner is doing. That really seemed to work. They loved having someone to talk to about their successes and to bounce new ideas off, to vent their frustrations about goals they had set and for one reason or another couldn’t meet. We also had an “Excellence Moment” during Enrichment each month and featured a couple of pairs of sisters. They would come up to the front and show their binders and talk about how they were doing and what they were doing … how their partnership worked, etc.