Make your own “Themed” pens
Make your own “Themed” pens

Make your own “Themed” pens

Make your own “Themed” pensnew pen insert

I got this idea from Christy W. from Afton, WY, she sent me the idea to make CTR pens, well I loved the idea and now that I am back in YW, I decide to make up some YW Themed inserts. And then I did some with this years theme, the ideas are endless…….. Scroll down for a few files I have uploaded for you to use.

Arise pen 2

Here is the directions:pens

1)  After printing the paper, prepare a pen with a clear barrel.  You can use a Pentel RSVP pen and unscrewed the bottom.  The gold ink on the barrel can be removed with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.They are 12 for $9.00 pens

Or I found some pens at Staples called ICE breaker ballpoint stick pens. and in the store I paid $5.99 for 12 They are a little shorter then the others.

2)  Roll pen insert around a narrow tube – a skewer works great for this.

3)  Carefully place curled insert into pen barrel.  Remove and trim if necessary.

4) Screw parts of pen back together.

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YW pen insert 2012 2YW Values pen insert

DownloadYW pen insert 2013 sm