Green Dress and Sam (skit to go along with a lesson on modesty)

Green Dress and Sam (skit to go along with a lesson on modesty)

I wrote this skit to go along with a lesson on modesty that I gave a YW Camp last year. It is cute and went over very well with the girls. It is Dr. Seuss~ish and our camp theme was not but it still worked well with the lesson. Modesty can be a tough issue to get the girls to open up and talk about, this skit broke the ice really well. I hope others find it helpful.

Thank you
E. Cooper
Anderson CA

Green Dress and Sam

Sam ~ I am Sam,

          Sam I am

          This is my dress for prom,

          If only I can get past mom.

Mom ~ I do not like that dress at all,

           Either it’s too short, or you’re too tall.

           Try this dress it’s very nice you see,

           Look how modest you can be?

Sam ~ I will not wear that dress, no way.

           It will do nothing but ruin my day.

           My friends will laugh, and then I’ll cry,

           Don’t make me wear it, don’t make me try.

Sam ~ I love this dress, this dress you see,

           It’s not modest, but it doesn’t define me.

           I’ll only wear it one time to prom,

           It’s not a big deal, don’t freak out mom.

Mom ~ I see your shoulders they are bare,

           Let me put some fabric there.

           A sleeve over there and one over here,

            I won’t change it much so have no fear.

Mom ~ We’ll add some length

            And maybe a shrug.

            I know you’ll love it,

            Come give me a hug.

Sam ~ But mom you’re old, you don’t know the style,

            You’ve been out of school for quite awhile.

            It’s just one night; it’s no big deal,

            You’ll never understand how I feel.

Mom ~ You think I am old, that may be true,

            But I was once a teen like you.

            I had mini skirts and a see through blouse

            All of it could be found in my house.

Mom ~ I fought with my mom, just as you do,

           But I came to realize what is true.

Mom ~ How you dress and how you act

           Affects who you are and that is a fact.

Mom ~ So please try this dress to wear to the dance,

           Try it on just give it a chance.

           Sam thought about what her mother had said

           Then she thought about the things she had read. (Show FSOY)

Narrator ~ Sam knew the thing she had to do,

                And to herself she must be true.

                I’m a daughter of God thought Sam,

                I know exactly who I am.

Sam ~ I’ll wear my mom’s dress, I’ll let my light shine

           And I know everything will be just fine.

            I will stand tall and stare temptation in the face,

            I’ll show the Lord I can stand in a Holy Place.


Written by : Ericka Cooper

                       July 2013