T-shirt Transfers

We just had a fun and successful mutual night, so I thought I would share.  A few weeks ago we had fun making our own Mormon ads with markers, stencils, lettering, etc. So, that turned into “wouldn’t this be cool to wear to school” which turned into our mutual night last night… We did iron on transfers on t-shirts. I gave the girls three options of sayings. If they wanted one of each that was fine too. Most of them chose 2 out of the 3.

1. Modest is the Hottest. Revealing isn’t appealing

2.Mormons have more fun

3. It’s Great to Wait!

(we came up with so many others but wanted to narrow it down for my sanity of preparing them) We told the girls to bring in a t-shirt (any color works but Black on iron on transfers which black just needs a special iron on but can still be done) If you have girls that can’t afford it Walgreen’s has white t-shirts 5 for $10 so I got some extras. We asked them to bring their irons and a pillowcase. I bought the Avery brand iron on transfers at Wal-Mart and made them on my computer then printed them out. It’s actually pretty easy to do once you know how to play around with fonts, and size lettering and colors. The girls all had to iron on their own transfers with instructions. Then we had them all put them on and took pictures. There were 16 girls there last night. They all loved it. I wonder how many of them actually wore the shirts today at school. I know my daughter did!!  Just wanted to share. They had fun and kinda even learned how to iron LOL

Have a great day…. Amber