Divine Nature Poems

Divine Nature Poems


Sapphires are blue; levis are blue; blue is cool and deep;
Lots of eyes are blue; .
Blue is quiet streams with pools of sparkling water .
The sky is blue as far as you can see .
Tears are blue
What is blue?  — Blue is my Divine Nature

Divine Nature

Everyone born on the earth has a spark divine
Embedded in each persons heart, yours and mine,
For we are all God’s children, each precious in His sight,
Came to earth from heaven, where reared in pure light.

That divine spark, we should help blossom and grow
By the things we do and say, let Heavenly Father know
Of our desire to always chose what is good and right,
Serving and rejoicing, showing our divine nature bright.

There is an inward beauty that glows just like the sun,
It shines and shows to those close by what can be done,
Be worthy, a child belonging to heavenly parents divine,
Divine nature that is a free gift, let it brightly, sweetly shine.

Each day we can develop the divine nature given us above
By being kind and gentle, filling others lives with God’s love,
Or we can bury it deep with worthless earthly pleasures weak,
Enjoying things that as daughters of God we should not seek.

Always remember, sisters dear can have nature that is divine,
Do not soil your precious gift with earthly dirt and grime,
Hold in your heart the gospel light, and let it brightly shine,
When you reach heaven, He will say, “Come, you are mine.”
    -M. Ann Margetson

I am A Child of Royal Birth
by Anna Johnson

I am a child of royal birth
My Father is king of Heaven and Earth.
My spirit was born in the courts on high
A child beloved, a princess (or prince) am I.
I was nurtured there; I lived by his side
In a home where love and patience abide.
My Mother was there in that glorious place
Blessing her children with queenly grace.

I grew to the stature that spirits grow.
I gained the knowledge that I needed to know.
I was taught the truth and I knew the plan
That God and Christ laid out for man.
I was there when the stars of morning sang.
I mingled my voice when the heavens rang.
I was there to rejoice, to praise and applaud
The shouts of joy from the sons of God.

I waited my turn and came to earth
Through the wonderful channel of human birth.
The curtains were closed and the past was gone;
Of the future too, the curtains were drawn.
I lived on the earth and God willed it so,
With the freedom to choose the way I should go.
I must search for the truth, I must serve and obey;
I must walk by my faith many miles of the way.

Someday I’ll go back, I’ll answer the call
I’ll return with my record to the Father of all.
The books will be opened and so will my heart.
There will be rejoicing if I’ve done my part.
My Father, the King, with His infinite love
Will welcome me back to the mansions above.
The curtains will part and eternity
In its light and glory will open to me.

I am the princess, the duchess and the queen
I rule all of you so bow to me
Kiss the dirt that lies under my feet
Your not me so you can’t be neat
Tell me what I would like to hear
Even if it’s my greatest fear
Treat me like I’m a goddess
I expect nothing less
I am your one and only defender
treat me with love and tender
When I ask I expect apple juice
if your lucky you’ll be my masseuse
Maybe sometime you’ll see the King
He doesn’t like to sing
Me on the other hand don’t really care
people like me are very rare
I suggest you treat me with respect
If you do you will be my royal subject
If you don’t I’ll put you with the other rejects!
I am the princess, the duchess and the queen
I rule all of you so bow to me!

The Kinda’ Girl
For all the guys who date the girls
and sense the good and bad;
and the girl who lives by right
there’s a label she has had.
The kinda’ girl that wears a crown
and knows she is a queen
watching for a perfect boy
and nothing in-between.
Because the jewels and diamonds
that glitter in her soul,
it’s not too hard to tell her apart;
and the boys, they always know.
But the kinda’ girl that isn’t sure,
her way is not so straight,
she shows herself as not a queen
and doesn’t want to wait.
How many nights will she feel guilt
and worry for her way?
How many guys will use her ease
and how much will she pay?
She’s forgotten who she is
and her royal parents dear!
Would a preincess dress in rags
or so she does appear?
No, you always want to be
the princess that you are;
don’t forget even when it’s dark
there always is a star!
Now which one do you want to be?
A girl with honor steady,
with fire in her soul
and with beauty beyond many,
the kinda’ girl that will wait
until she wears a ring.
And then she’ll know she is a queen
and valiant is her king.
Copyright – Kayla Walsh September 2000

Yesterday, I was a child,
Who grew with the years.
Tomorrow, I will be a woman,
Who will love and shed tears.
My youth is in the past,
My womanhood near —
But, Lord I pray, What am I today?
As I look in the mirror,
I see myself
Changing and growing
In a special timeless way.
I am beginning to reach my goal,
But, yet, I feel I am not quite there today.
I need thee Lord,
With every breath I take;
Please help me know who I am
— For my eternal sake.
I hear thee Lord —
The answer now I know.
I am but A Goddess in Embryo.