The Integrity Challenge

The Integrity Challenge

Shared by: M. Lawniczak Millbrook, AL

This is an idea for an integrity activity for young women.

This works best with enough young women to break into at least 3 groups, at least 3 in each group.

Materials needed: Scriptures for each team, Posterboard for each team, Markers, Notecards and pencils, Goodies for the winning team (I like to have something grand for winners, something lesser for the others. 🙂 )

The Integrity Challenge


  1. As a team, find a scripture about integrity. Put it in the center of your game poster, and have a spokesman prepared to share the meaning of the scripture and why it relates to integrity. You have 7 minutes. You will receive team points based on neatness, creativity, and scripture presentation. Possible 15.


2.      Come up with a group definition for integrity. Put this definition on your poster. For every team with a good answer, 10 points will be awarded. The team with the best stated definition will receive a bonus of 5 points. J


  1. Put each team member’s name on the poster. List 3 qualities under each person’s name that describe an area where that person exhibits integrity…for example, honesty at work, keeping the law of chastity, reading scriptures daily,  helping with housework, etc. Every team with the task completed for every team member will receive 10 points. The two teams with the most creativity in completing this task will receive 5 bonus points. J


  1. WHEN INTEGRITY IS CHALLENGED…please complete this statement on your posters! Come up with a good course of action (may be more than one step) for times when your integrity is challenged. Teams with good answers will receive 5 points. The team with the BEST answer will receive 5 bonus points!


  1. Come up with an integrity motto! For example, “Be a celebrity, have great integrity!” Put your team’s motto at the top of your poster! Teams with logos will receive 10 points. The top two logos will receive an extra 10 and then 5 points, respectively. J


  1. Others are watching you always. Your example of integrity, whether good or bad, is an example to those around you. Consider the areas in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. On your poster, have each team member finish the sentence, “I am a good example of integrity in…” and list a way that she shows her integrity. On the note cards, have each team member write a personal goal for an area where she may need to improve her integrity. For example, she may write, “For the next two weeks, I will not gossip about anyone.” THESE CARDS ARE PERSONAL AND ARE FOR YOU TO TAKE HOME, and will not be shared! Each team whose members all complete this task will receive 10 points. For teams with great variety in their answers, (no answers are repeated) 5 extra points will be awarded. J


  1. OVERALL POSTER APPEARANCE: The neatest, overall most attractive looking poster will receive 10 points.


THE TEAM WITH THE MOST POINTS GETS A PRIZE!! However, you are all winners! J


Everyone who participates in this activity will be able to write-in their personal progress books an integrity value experience! J


Topics in the for the strength of youth:

Agency and Accountability, Gratitude, Education, Family, Friends, Dress and Appearance, Entertainment and Media, Music and Dancing, Language, Dating, Sexual Purity, Repentance, Honesty, Sabbath Day Observance, Tithes and Offerings, Physical Health, Service to Others, Faith