The Crown You Earn


This poem does not include virture, if you add the virture to it, we would love to hear how you did it

Rhonda Seiter has shared her line for Virture

Add the new line right after INTEGRITY:
You clothe yourself with VIRTUE untold, your worth is more than rubies and gold


By Wylene O’Barr
Listen child and I will tell, of a life that you once knew well

Of a Father‘s love you see, He taught and nurtured you at his knee.

This Father that loves you so well, is King of Heaven, and now I must tell.

You are a Princess, of great worth; you are one of Royal Birth.
He knows your worth and whom you are, that you will succeed, and go far.

He taught you to love, and be kind, have dignity, use your mind.

All the things that you must know, for one day you would surely go.

To earth to live, it is the plan, to grow and live as mortal man.
With coming to earth, forgetting was part, only in mind, not in heart.

Some day you’ll return, and receive the reward that you have earned.

One day a crown you will wear, for a princess, in deed, you are there.

The crown you wear reflects your worth, of what you gained while on this earth.
Your crown won’t be of gold, silver, or jewels. These are precious only to fools.

Your crowns worth comes from the heart, so learning these qualities you must start.

FAITH you see, precious by far, that a “Daughter of God” you truly are,

DIVINE NATURE, if you please, for you inherited divine qualities.
With your own mission you came to earth, so realize your INDIVIDUAL WORTH

Continually seek to grow and learn, for KNOWLEDGE is the right way to turn.

One thing to learn and have courage to do, is make right choices and carry them through,

You’re given freedom of CHOICE you see, but with it came ACCOUNTABILITY
Father taught, “take care of your brother”, GOOD WORKS, we call, serving each other,

Now INTEGRITY is a precious might, having the courage to do what is right,

With patience, study and prayer, you will see the rewards of eternity there.

Take pride in your worth, do not settle for less, always try and do your best.
These values are wonderful tools, for in heaven THEY are the jewels

So to Father you will return, with all the things you have learned

On your head, for all to see, with great pride and majesty

Goes the crown you will wear, its worth is truly beyond compare.

And your loving Heavenly Father will place it there.