Value Project Ideas

Value Project Ideas

Youth Camp Leader : training and devotionals

Learn to stencil or paint or wallpaper, then redo your room

Make finger puppets for a children’s hospital (they get their fingers poked a lot)

Crosstitch a sampler

Needlepoint a pillow case or tablecloth

Learn and become certified in First Aid and CPR and teach it to others

Start and maintain an exercise program

Write the YW Sacrament Program

Learn sign language for some songs and sing and sign them in Sacrament Mtg

Write a personal history for your Mother, Father, and Grandparents to present as a gift

Organize a family reunion

Make temple scrunchies and baptismal clothing to donate

Train a dog to be obedient and do tricks

Babysit for Relief Society Enrichment night for 5 months, plan activities for the children

Compile and distribute a monthly YW Newsletter for 6 months

Make and bring Sacrament bread for 6 weeks, must let Priesthood leaders know

Temple work!!  Find names and go to the temple to be baptized for them

Organize a Ward Toy Drive for the Nursery, and wash existing toys

Make monthly Personal Progress reminders to hand out to every YW for 6 months

Humanitarian Aid-check for official list

Make FHE kits to give to families in the ward, 3 months’ worth-including recipes, games, lessons

Do service, keep a Service Journal to log in your hours

Plan and cook 10 meals for your family

Make value-colored rag flip-flops for each YW

Compile a collection of your writings, poetry, and/or art, photography

Organize and de-clutter your attic or garage (with a parent’s permission)

Sew 5 quillows to give as gifts

Offer to do free babysitting for 10 hours to a family in the ward

Train for and participate in a 5K walk or run

Read any book of scripture in 60 days (Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, Old or New Testament)

Make a personal history scrapbook


Plan our Young Women in Excellence Program including decorations and refreshments

Practice and present a musical number for YWIE with your voice or an instrument, can be a duet

Write weekly letters of support and encouragement to a Missionary for 3 months