Newspaper Fashion Show

Newspaper Fashion Show

Fashion Show

We broke the girls into small groups and gave them a stack of newspapers. We had themes written on pieces of paper in a bowl.  Each group drew a theme from the bowl and that’s the kind of ideas they had to design.  Some of the theme ideas were:  Outer Space, Nautical (beach), Wedding, Animals, etc.  It was the funnest….and funniest night we’ve had!!!  The girls were very creative and we were amazed at some of the things they came up with.  Our favorites…a “ruffled” layered wedding gown, complete with gloves; and a bikini with a snorkel and fins.  

After everyone was done, we brought all back together and had the fashion
show.  It was a great evening!  Don’t forget to bring cameras!

another thought……….

We used the newspaper fashion show idea but we tweaked it a bit. We called it “Project Runway”. The girls were divided into teams and given tape, a stapler,a stack of newspapers and a topic (prom, beach, wedding etc. ). We told them the criteria on which they would be judged: creativity, use of color print and modesty. They had 25 minutes to work and then the modles hit the runway. Three leaders were the judges and they asked questions about each creation. It was really fun and even the girls who come deremined not to have fun got really into the whole show!  Thanks for the fun idea!