Everything Under The Sun Fireside

Since this Fireside is so long, many people cannot watch the whole thing, so I have just uploaded two different clips so you get an ideas of what the fireside is like. The download which you can request is 1 and a half  hours long. Please read all the info below for more info!
PLEASE NOTE THAT, this site is not run by Sis DeWitt, if you would like to contact her you can go to her blog at http://www.everythingunderthesunblog.blogspot.com/ She no longer gives the fireside, so this copy of the fireside is pretty much the only way to see the fireside. Sorry!

The booklet she talks about at this fireside is also available at this link: EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN


There is a problem, this file is about 1.20 GB that is a huge file, and downloading it may take HOURS! ( when I did a practice download it only took 70 minutes, I have Cox for my Internet which is high speed cable.)

Download video:

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This filreside is available in 2 formats, a MPG file and a ISO file.

You can watch the MPG file on your computer and some DVD’s. But the ISO file only needs to be burned and it is ready to watch on all DVD players, no need to convert or import into a DVD making software.

Wendy DeWitt has given me permission to offer her fireside on this site for you to view or to copy off and burn your own DVD to show. If you would like to burn a copy of this fireside please scroll down for more information, This fireside was given in 2005 in Gilbert, AZ. It may be copied for non-commercial use only. This DVD must be shown in it’s entirety, please do not break it up.

A note from Wendy DeWitt (dated 7/21/08): They’re going to film my class and put it into 3 (1/2 hour) segments for Living Essentials on BYU TV. We don’t start filming until November so I don’t know when it will air.

Please note that since she lives in AZ some of her thoughts are based around the weather in AZ, BUT this system can be used anywhere, it really only effects storing your food storage.

In Wendy Dewitt’s fireside she talks about a really neat water storage idea that they have at the fireside that night, she notes that it is in the back of the room, but the camera does not show it, what she was talking about, is a rack that holds fifty-five gallon drums of water HORIZONTALLY so the water can be extracted simply by turning on a faucet.  No pumps, no siphons. Click here for more information

Concern has been brought up about canning breads and cakes, which she talks about in the fireside, here is an article (click here) about it and here is what she has to say about it.

“I’ve read several of these links and my booklet gives the same warning…with the comment that since none of these cakes or breads have eggs in them (the ingredient that would sustain bacteria) but have Knox gelatin instead, food poisoning is highly unlikely.  But I still give the warning…and I don’t include this portion of the booklet in my classes.”