Secret Santa

Secret Santa

Here’s what my family has done as a Secret Santa. Sometimes it changes, just depends on what we can find. We don’t like to reveal ourselves at the end. We like to remain anonymous so we dress so that we would be unrecognizable in case we get caught. (most all the stories or poems used in this idea you can find on this site)

We always give a piece of the Nativity set that we have wrapped, with a little snippet of info about the piece. Then we pick out one of our favorite stories and a small gift to give that goes along with the story, here are some examples. They are not always in this order.

1. On the first night they receive the Stable in the box that it came in, and a small note book, explaining that each night they will receive a Christmas story to go inside. The gift is usually a candle with the Christmas Scripture and song advent list.

2. A piece of the nativity set, & Christmas pillowcases that I have made with a poem attached. Also include the poem on a sheet of paper for them to put in the notebook.

3. A box of candy canes, a candy cane ornament (if we can find one), and story about the candy cane.

4. A live Poinsettia plant, and a story about the Poinsettia.

5. A reindeer or a ceramic deer w/Christmas bow, just depends on what we can find, and the story of Rudolph that amazing reindeer.

6. Basket with Oranges, and the story of the Christmas orange.

7. Crystal snowflake ornaments with poem about the Snowflake

8. A pretty Christmas bowl, a box of Jell-O, cool whip, and story of, “A Jell-O Christmas.”

9. Gave the story of The Magical Gingerbread House or Santa’s Bake Shop. Have given Gingerbread ornament or Gingerbread cookie mix with Gingerbread man cookie cutters, or Gingerbread house kit if we can find one for a reasonable price.

10. We gave them the story of “Teach the Children” With a Santa and a bag full of the things to go with the story. A tree, 35 miniature lights, star, bell, candle, wreath, gift w/bow, red ornament, & candy cane.

11. The story of, “The tale of the Three Tree’s and I found 3 wooden trees that were on a wooden base, perfect for the story.

12. On the last day, day 12 we usually give a white stocking that I made out of felt, and the story of the white stocking. A nail with a red ribbon for an ornament and the poem of the Christmas nail. Two pieces of the nativity set, one for that day, and the baby Jesus. Both are wrapped, but on Baby Jesus, there is a note telling them not to open until Christmas morning. Then we give them an envelope with the story, “Will the Christ Child Come?” or “Is anyone missing Baby Jesus?” Also telling them not to open until Christmas morning.

Several other ideas we’ve done:

We made a small manager with a baby for Jesus and pieces of raffia for the straw. Then we gave the story of the, Last Straw.

A basket of apples with the story of the Christmas apple. And an apple Christmas ornament.

Big Hershey’s candy bar w/song about candy bar fudge.

Potpourri: Orange, spices, and poem w/directions.

Pretty Christmas plate with homemade cookies and the story, “The town that gave us Joy.”