Family Home Evenings Helps on Easter

Family Home Evenings Helps on Easter

  • Family Easter Traditions

  • From the Garden to the Empty Tomb,”  p. 8: Use this article to create an Easter program. Assign family members to read the quotes in order. Choose songs or hymns about the Savior, about Easter, or about the sacrament to intersperse during the reading of the quotes. At the conclusion of the program, bear your testimony.

  • He Is Risen!

  • Keeping Easter Focused on the Savior

  • Why I Believe in Jesus Christ,”  p. F14: Write the bold words from the article on pieces of paper. Place them in a container. After reading the article, let each family member take a paper and discuss how those things helped Lindsey gain her testimony. Have family members share what helps their testimonies grow by asking them to write down their feelings, draw a picture, or sing a song.