Walk With Christ Program (go from room to room)

Walk With Christ Program
Submitted by: Janice Thomas
Here is the program we are doing. I did not write it, and do not know whom to give credit it to. It came from a YW group I used to be on. It can be done for Easter or Christmas.
We are asking the people involved to be the “Actor” and to decorate their room. Caution: In the Bishops handbook I believe it states, no actor should actually portray Christ himself, we specifically told our people involved this and asked them to portray other people. Also, we are not giving ‘handouts’ in each room as stated in the letter to the participants at the end of this email. We are changing things a little bit. I urge each of you to be guided by the Spirit, and also to check with your Bishop before planning this, just to make sure the Priesthood is supportive.
If you delegate things well, and have lots of help, you can pull this together pretty well. We are having dinner, with Rooms 1 and 2 being presented together during dinner, and then letting each “table’ start on their journey through the rooms. We are using mostly Priesthood holders in the rooms, but you could have women, young women, or couples be in charge of different rooms. The RS Presidency and hfpe Board members will be guiding angels, moving the groups along.
Walk With Christ
We prayed about the people who played the parts in our rooms, After the program, I will include the letter we gave out to the participants.
Room 1: The Nativity
Decor: crates, cloth, animals, basin of water
Scriptures: Luke 1:46-55 Matt 1:18-25 Luke 2:4-5,7,16
Room 2 The Ministry
Decor: Pictures of His Ministry, video/s like show
Scriptures: numerous
Room 3 The Last Supper
Decor: basin, towel, sacrament tray
Scriptures: Luke 22:1, 14, 17-23 Matt 26:26-28
Room 4 Garden of Gethsemane
Decor: spotlighted pictures, garden setting with large paper mache stone
Scripture: Matt 26:14, 15, 36-39, 47,49
Room 5 Judgment of Christ
Decor; robe, gavel
Scripture: Matt 27:2,11-22,23,24

Room 6 The Crucifixion
Decor; Hammer, nail, cross, centurion, branch
Scripture; Matt 27:31,35-37, 40-43,45-49, 50_54

Room 7 Joseph of Arimathaea’s Tomb
Decor: Linens and spice
Scripture: Matt 27:57-60, Mark 16:1

Room 8 Christ is Risen
Decor; Empty room , table with sheet to look like bed, linen folded at head or bed
Scripture: Matt 28:6, Mark 16:1-6

Note: I am doing this one with all groups gathering together at Room 7 (foyer) and then letting the Centurions, letting them enter the Chapel, where the Halleluiah Chorus will begin playing. then we will have the last “Actor” celebrate the Resurrection with us.
Letter to Participants:
First of all THANK YOU! Our Walk with Christ is an activity that will help bring the Women of our ward to a better understanding of Christ’s mission and more especially his last days on Earth. We are excited to have them travel through nine different rooms each portraying a different event in the Savior’s life. (The second room being a series of events)
The final room is “Christ is Risen” where they will all be addressed together by the Bishop about the Atonement.
Simple guidelines have been given as to what kind of decor you may want to put in your room. These are only guidelines and you may decorate as you wish, within the description of the scriptures given and as the Spirit may guide you.
Each of the rooms will call for actors (for example: The last supper could use Pilate or one the Twelve Apostles) However The Garden of Gethsemane would probably be best as a room without anyone in it so the entire focus is on Christ’s picture. Also, a scripture should be presented by your actors in each room, with the exception of the Garden of Gethsemane where it would be better to post the scripture up. The scriptures that pertain to each subject are listed. At the beginning of the evening each girl will be given a small basket. In this basket she will collect small times from each room that are to serve as a representation of the that room.
We would ask that you each provide the handout that will be given from your room. (for example-at the room of the Crucifixion they could be given a nail). Once again let the Spirit be your guide. Remember things like special lighting (lams and spots) as well as quiet music will add a lot to your setting. You may also use
smells to create a special atmosphere. The women will come to each room in small groups. They will go to the tombs in order so group1 will finish firs.
We will probably have 4-5 groups and each room should last 3-5 minutes per group. The Women will will be ushered to each room by an attending “angel’ Then the Bishop will be able to take 15-20 minutes at the end to speak.