The Ten Commandments of Marriage

The Ten Commandments of Marriage
1. Thou shalt always remember that thy marriage is a partnership
between thee and thy spouse and the Lord.
For in knowing this, thou wilt have the strength, courage, and
determination to conquer all challenges that may come into thy
2. Thou shalt cleave unto thy spouse and let not thine eyes wander, nor do
anything like unto it.
For it is through fidelity and commitment that thou shalt find confidence and
3 Thou shalt not be selfish with thy time, nor with thy money, nor anything else
that is thine.
For in doing this though shalt avoid resentment and find harmony.
4. Thou shalt remember that thy parents are good, but need to give thee space in
thy marriage.
For it is through relying upon each other that communication and unity is
5. Thou shalt always remember to call thy spouse sweet heart, honey, or whatever
else that makes them happy and to remember the little things.
For it is through little acts of kindness that thou shalt find love and tenderness.
6. Thou shalt remember to always use kind words and cease to find fault with thy
For in doing this thou shalt find peace.
7. Thou shalt enjoy each others company and remember to date often.
For it is in spending time together that one truly gets to know their
spouse and find intimacy.
8. Thou shalt add the words “I’m sorry” to thy vocabulary and use them often.
For in doing this thou shalt melt down the barriers of anger and resentment
and find mutual forgiveness.
9. Thou shalt recognize and acknowledge the desires, efforts and
accomplishments of thy spouse.
For in this thou shalt find appreciation and gratitude for one another.
10. Thou shalt live within thy means and learn the difference between wants and
For in doing this thou shalt avoid needless stress and find contentment.