Daddy Daughter Activities

I remember when I was young and I went on the Daddy Daughter Date, we played a guessing game. All of us girls went up on the stage with the curtains pulled, and we knelt down and stuck our hands out. The dads then had to walk along this line of hands and pick out his daughter’s hands. My dad was tricky though….I heard all the girls ahead of me in “line” start to giggle one by one. Well my dad kissed each hand of all the girls in order to listen for my giggle. Needless to say he won! We also got our pictures taken with our dads in front of a prop, so we could always remember that night. —Felicia in Idaho

We did this last year and it was really fun. We had a sock hop. We taped old music, the girls prepared a lip sync to Lollipop, Lollipop and then we had the dads do an adlib one to My Girl. It was so cute. We had a barbecue with hamburgers, fries and pop with Rootbeer floats for dessert. WE decorated with red white and black balloons and it was a blast. The girls played some games in the beginning. The string with the lifesaver in the middle, girl on one end, dad on other and who ever ate the string & got to lifesaver first won. Bubble gum blowing contest. We invited the moms & families for the end and had the achievements awarded. We are doing it again it was so much fun to see the girls dance with their dads. —Judie in CA


A few years ago, when I served in YW, we had a father/daughter night, and one of the things we did could easily be adapted for moms & daughters. It’s kind of along the lines of Vicki’s idea of “How Well Do You Know Your Mother?”, but we did it more like the style of the “Newlywed Game”. It was great fun! And the girls & their dads really learned a lot about each other. I could see how this would easily be adapted for moms & their daughters for an AD activity.

Let’s see…

1. What is your daughter’s/mother’s favorite band/singer?
2. What was the name of the high school your mother went to?
3. Who is your daughter’s best friend?
4. What is your daughter’s/mother’s favorite dish (entree)/snack/treat/etc?
5. Who did your mother go to her senior prom with?
6. What is your daughter’s favorite subject in school?

These are just a few that I remember from the activity we did in YW years ago. From these, I’m sure you can brainstorm and get some more. For prizes, we had little things from the dollar store (where you can get some really nice stuff from these days!).

I was recently released as AD leader to be called as 2nd counselor. I just thought I’d add one of our most successful activities – similar to yours. We did a 50s dance for a Daddy-Daughter activity. We did have a few girls who did not have dads for various reasons, but we were able to find them “adopted dads”. Only 1 of 20 girls did not attend. Some of the things we did besides dressing in 50s attire and dancing, was as the “couples” came in they were given name tags on their backs which was the name of a famous couple (i.e. Superman & Lois Lane, Joseph & Emma Smith, George & Martha Washington, etc.). They had to go around, arms linked, and ask the other couples yes/no questions to try and determine who they were. Once they guessed, they moved the nametag to the front and wore it for the rest of the night. We had a few sets of sisters, so their dad actually had 2 nametags. Later we did a version of the Newlywed Game, where the dads had to leave the room while we asked the girls 4 questions like “if your dad took a day off from work to do something just for himself, what would he do?”. The dads came back and we asked them those questions to see how well the daughters could guess. Then the daughters left the room and we asked the dads questions like “What is something about your daughter that is most like her mother?” We served ice cream sodas, did the limbo, and took lots of pictures to display on the ward bulletin board later. I heard from many of the wives that their husbands raved about what a great time they had! —Agnes

SPOOKY DINNER – We had a Daddy-Daughter Party where we played games (i.e. Outburst, Pictionary, bobbing for apples, eating a donut hanging on a string without the use of hands.) and had spooky things to eat. Each person was given a menu with the following items to choose from. (They only had the monster name, so they did not know exactly what they would be getting. ) They whey wrote their choices on a pre-printed paper asking for 3 courses of 4 items. They were served one course at a time. After this, we served a real spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and salad.

Cyclopes – Green olives Werewolf Claws – Black olives

Swamp Blob – Pickle Devil’s Staff – Fork

Bat Fangs – Knife Frank ‘n’ Stein – Water

Ghostbusters – Marshmallow Mummy Wrap – Napkin

Man-in-the-moon – Cheese cube Square Crow – Cheez-it crackers

Pumpkin Smile – Orange slice Monster Eyes – Grapes

Bone-to-pick – Toothpick Parasite – Pear slices

Witch’s Hair – French-style green beans





We have done Western (twice), 50’s, Mexican Fiesta, Luau… for Daddy-Daughter dates.

We almost always have an area for them to have their picture taken together (for the Western theme we glued them on a “WANTED” poster). Also, they are pretty good about dressing up according to our theme. Don’t forget to involve the girls in planning. They can make invitations, centerpieces, place settings, etc. Have fun… ~Denise in Mesa, AZ

I’ve done two of these and our stake did one…. Here are the ideas for Daddy-Daughter Activities.

1. A pancake breakfast. I had everything ready to go but then the fathers and daughters made their own pancakes.

2. A picnic dinner and a game. Everyone brought their own picnic dinner (we told them that the dads and daughters had to prepare this, most just brought fast food! LOL). The girls had made up a game using household objects, if you have seen the Disney show Z-Games it was like that. The girls then taught the game to their dads and they had a blast playing this. We did do this just in the cultural hall.

3. Our stake hosted a daddy/daughter hoe-down. They had refreshments and a person there who taught them all how to line dance. The girls loved this! I hope this helps as you prepare for your activity. —Deanna

– – Daddy Daughter Activity (Spring)
*Hawaiian Luau Theme – Dinner and games.
*Western Jamboree – Dinner and games.
*50’s Dance – Soda shop and dancing. The Stake put it on. They had some games and a dance demonstration.

I have to share with you an activity we did for Achievement days last night. I was so excited because it was so fun I almost did this post in the middle of the night. My back was so sore from dancing that I couldn’t sleep. Anyway, we had a Daddy/Daughter Dinner/Sock Hop. The girls made decorations during their meetings and practiced good manners and created a lip sync to Lollipop, Lollipop. The Pres. & some moms & AD leader decorated the hall all day yesterday. It was sooooo cute. The girls did their lip sync with the bishop sitting in the middle with his jeans, white T-shirt and dark glasses, looking cool (mind you this is a 60-year old gray-haired very quiet man). Then they had the dads go up and adlib to “My Girl”. They were great! We had a game where there was a long very thin string with a lifesaver on it. Each dad and daughter were at opposite ends and they had to chew the string until they met at the lifesaver. The first to do it won. It was a crackup. Then a bubble blowing contest. Then barbecued hamburgers, fries salad. After dinner we invited the moms & bros/sis to come for an awards ceremony. The girls spoke, gave the prayers and shared their achievements and were given their awards for the quarter. Then we served Rootbeer floats to everyone and the families could go home or stay and the girls danced with their dads for about a 1/2 hour. It was so fun to see the girls have so much fun with their dads. I think they will remember it forever and we are going to make it an annual event. Many of my staff remembered doing this with their dads. I’m afraid I don’t have the memory, too bad. —Judie in CA

The Daddy/Daughter date I remember best was the year we had a cake decorating contest. My dad and I baked a round 2 layer cake and put a tic-tac-toe game on top. It was a lot of fun making the cake with my dad. I think we won a prize for best tasting. I thought that was pretty cool since my dad wasn’t able to taste any of it due to diabetes. We also had a dinner that night and the cakes for the contest was our dessert.
Last year in our ward, they had a hoe-down and my daughter and husband went to that and had a lot of fun. They had a pie-eating contest and a costume contest and took a picture of the girls with their dads to remember that night. —Stefanie