10 Reasons NOT to attend Enrichment Night!

1. My house is a mess! I would rather stay home and clean.
2. I attended Enrichment Night in 1997. Why do I need to attend another one?
3. I don’t like having 2 hours away from the house every month.
4. I couldn’t possibly take a night off from watching my favorite TV shows.
5. I am so gifted in the “spiritual” department. I don’t need to learn anything.
6. I don’t like getting together with sisters of the same religion.
7. I don’t like learning things like how to use time more wisely, tips for FHE, $ management, etc.
8. My kids and/or husband love me to spend all my time with them and not have any outside interests.
9. I would rather talk with telemarketers than with the women at church.
10. I have all the confidence I need! Why would I want to develop more?