Additional Relief Society Meetings information and guidelines

Additional Relief Society Meetings information and guidelines

Includes information and guidelines for meetings held on days other than Sunday.

Use Daughters in My Kingdom as a resource to plan additional Relief Society meetings

A NEW Training Outline for Relief Society Meetings

Julie B. Beck on the purpose of Relief Society meetings:


“In counsel with the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, it was determined that rather than give these additional Relief Society meetings a new title, all such meetings and activities will now be referred to simply as Relief Society meetings.

“These meetings are meant to be instrumental in teaching the skills and responsibilities of womanhood and motherhood in the Lord’s plan.”


Why do we hold Relief Society meetings on days other than Sunday?

What types of meetings can be planned?


How should we plan Relief Society meetings held during the week?


What are the priorities for weekday Relief Society meetings?

Purpose for the Changes

Purpose for the Changes
Changes regarding Relief Society meetings were implemented to:
– Align the name of Relief Society meetings with Relief Society purposes and work.
– Encourage counseling between the Relief Society president and the bishop.
– Focus sisters on increasing faith and personal righteousness.
– Emphasize strengthening families and homes.
– Give sisters opportunities to organize efforts to seek out and help those who are in need.