Favorite Things

Favorite Things

This activity is really  FUN!

You will learn new things about the sisters/Young Women you already know, as well as any new sisters / or Young Women or Leader.

Have each sister bring something inexpensive that is a favorite of their’s.  This could be a favorite fruit, candy bar, cleaning product, something in your favorite color or scent, recipe, a favorite flower or book….really anything that is one of their favorites.

Each sister will end up giving their favorite thing to another sister/ YW, and will leave with someone’s as well!

As each sisters come you have them put their name in a jar and give them a number (see below), that will be the order that they go in, also given them a “question to answer about  them self” (see below), put your chairs in a circle so everyone can see each other (you might have to go to the GYM) once you start, you have number 1 go, they answer their question and tell about their Favorite item they brought (what it is, why it is their favorite etc) then they draw a name out of the jar of names and that is who get’s what that person brought.