Ideas for a evening RS meeting about music

Thanks to Cathy in England is letting me share this idea with you!
I used it in the Feb. Enrichment evening. I decorated the room with Big Red love heart shaped balloons which i got cheep, i filled them with helium and placed them around the room. they got to take them home at the end. then we played that game. the lesson was on how to love yourself then others around you. we then made little gifts to give to a friend. it was tissue paper from a card store that had love hearts on it I put 3 Hershey kisses in and tied with ribbon with a card saying. … a gift of love just for you. It was all done so simple. 22 sisters were there that evening and when I came to church on the Sunday all they could say was how much they had enjoyed the evening.

In Feb. this year I had looked in the hymn book and taken a few words from a sentence that had love in it and had a quiz. they had to guess the title of the hymn then turn to the page. run up to the teacher who was doing the game ready for the next clue. it was such a scream. you do have to have at least one person who is familiar with the hymns to encourage the others to find the song and page. Here is what I did.

1. loves redeeming work is done. =200
2..His love is great he died for us. = 65
3. come to the feast of love, come ever knowing. = 115
4. his love will find you, and gently greet you. = 117
5 oh, what love will then bare sway. = 58
6. his love and grace adore, who all our sorrows bore. = 67
7. partake the emblems of his death and thus renewed our love and faith. = 117/116
8. keep loves banner floating. = 152
9. and lead them to Zion in love. = 6
10. teach us tolerance and love. = 223
11. the love that filled the courts. = 195
12. and god will love and bless you. = 226
13 i love beautiful gates. = 44
14. he should extend his great love. = 193
15. lover of my soul. = 102
16. and loves me to the end. 136
17. a pleasure to serve thee, and love to obey. = 19
18 truth and love we hear from day today. = 271.

Put each song on a strip of paper. Without the number on of course. put all strips in a bag. You need a bag for each team. if you have 3 teams then you
need to do three lots of strips.
Make sure you have the answers close at hand.
Only one member of each team should come to you with an answer to the slip of paper. Remember who’s bag is who’s. Once they have given you a correct
answer they can pick a different slip. The team that finishes there bag first is the winner.
I hope that wasn’t too confusing. You may find it easier to work in colours.

Cathy S. from England