The Pursuit of Excellence – Climbing the Steps Toward Excellence
The Pursuit of Excellence – Climbing the Steps Toward Excellence

The Pursuit of Excellence – Climbing the Steps Toward Excellence


This idea originate in the Austin Oak Hills Stake in Texas, I got it from a sister who had been in that stake a few years ago, she does not really know who wrote it, but it is such a great program I decided to go ahead and post it, and hope that who ever wrote it will not be mad, if you know who wrote it, PLEASE email me so we can give you FULL CREDIT!!

The Pursuit of Excellence

"Climbing the Steps Toward Excellence"

Each of us has our own mountains to climb in life. By setting goals with the Pursuit of Excellence Program, we will find our mountain easier to climb. This program can help us feel more organized, and through thoroughly living the gospel, we will find more strength and peace of mind. Choosing goals from each category will help us to become well rounded individuals. There are ten areas of excellence:

Personal Improvement
Home Management
Family History

The goals are basic. You will need to add details to each goal, like how you will achieve it, and how often/how long you will work on it. This was left open because we all have different mountains. This way you can make each goal exactly what is right for you. Fill in the steps on each page with the goals and details that you choose. Feel free to alter the goals to fit your needs or to come up with your own goals. After you have achieved a goal, mark it as done, but then continue (if possible) to make it a habit as you start on the next goal. This will form steps of goals that will help you climb toward overall excellence.
Example: ~
*Goal: Keep the Sabbath Day holy.
*Achievement Date: One month (after achieving this goal I will continue to do it *consistently).
**1. ) Saturday night layout clothes, bathe kids, prepare food.
**2. ) Play uplifting music or church videos.
**3. ) Keep regular T.V. turned off all day.
**4. ) Discuss lessons, talks, and activities during evening meal.
**5. ) Refrain from going to the store or other unrelated activities.
Remember to challenge yourself but DON'T overwhelm yourself Enjoy the spiritual blessings and peace of mind that comes along with living the way our Heavenly Father has asked us to live. We love you and hope you enjoy this personal improvement program and the blessings it brings to your lives.

She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness ~Proverbs 31:26

Personalize each goal to with details to fit your own needs.

Study your Sunday School and Relief Society lessons ahead of time. Be ready to participate in the discussions.
Study the Scriptures; read the Bible Dictionary to better understand the Scriptures.
Continually read Church books or other uplifting literature.
Read the Ensign cover to cover
Learn basic life saving skills. Take a class in CPR.
Plan and take a vacation to Church history sites.
Enroll in college or take a community education course.
Attend a drama performance (opera, play, outdoor theater, etc)
Attend an art exhibit or museum.
Attend a performance of a symphony orchestra.
Read the Church News.
Attend Institute regularly.
Set up a savings account for your child's education. Teach your child to save money for the future.
Visit a historical] site in the area.
When going on vacation, look up what education sites are in the area and visit them.
Attend a "Know your Religion" lecture.
Acquaint your family with classical music. Make a habit of playing it, especially on Sundays.
Read to your child daily or listen while they read aloud to you.
Start collecting good books for your family library .
Be attentive in all church meetings. Take notes; create a place to store them.
Stay current on local and world issues. Exercise your right to vote.

She stretch out her hand to the poor; yea , she reacheth forth her hands to the needy
Proverbs 31:20

Personalize each goal to with details to fit your own needs.

Work on developing (in your own life) the same spirit of love and caring for others that you find at the temple. Examples: Always look for ways to help others. Say "yes" to things that are asked of you. Be sensitive to others' feelings.
Be a 100% visiting teacher for -months.
Do an unsolicited act of kindness for a neighbor.
Take walks in your neighborhood regularly. Stop and introduce yourself to people outside. Do a family service project. (Involve your family on what it should be) .
Volunteer at your child's (or the neighborhood) school.
Participate in Stake service projects.
Participate in Ward and Relief Society service projects.
Go out of your way to introduce yourself to new ward members and any members you don't know.
Plan a party for someone outside of your family. (birthday, baby shower, new members, etc. )
Invite another family over for Family Home Evening.
Invite the missionaries over for dinner. Ask them what they are in need of.
Volunteer to substitute for Primary or Young Women ' s.
Volunteer in the community. (hospital, community sports, soup kitchen, animal shelter, etc.)
Write a thank you letter when someone does a service for you. .Make it your motto to help clean up wherever you are.
Baby-sit for someone who needs a break.
Invite a new family in your ward over for dinner or Family Home Evening.

Physical / Nutrition
And shall run and not be weary, and shall walk and not faints.
D & C 89:20

Personalize each goal to with details to fit your own needs.

Exercise regularly ____times a week. Schedule a certain time of day when you will do this.
Make a habit of going to bed early and getting up early.
Upon arising, make your bed, shower, and get dressed for the day.
Dress modestly at all times. Help your children to learn this concept while they are young.
Wear the garment placed upon you in the temple both day and night.
Plan a nightly routine of caring for yourself. (brush and floss teeth, remove make-up, moisturize your face, etc.)
Take necessary steps to feel better about yourself. (new haircut, makeover, outfit, or do a service project)
Remember that it is inner beauty and not outer beauty that really counts.
Visit your doctor for an annual exam-
Bring your weight to a healthy level, under direction of your doctor if necessary .
Have regular check ups ( eyes, teeth, etc. )
Plan and go on a hike with family or friends-
Participate in you ward or stake sports program.
Learn while you exercise by listening to scriptures or books on cassette.
Be perfect in living the Word of Wisdom.
Improve your eating habits.
Learn how to improve your family's health by using herbs.
Buy a healthy cookbook, try new recipes.
Drink plenty of water.

Ye will teach them to walk in the way of truth and soberness; ye will teach them to love one another, and to serve one another.
Mosiah 4:15

Personalize each goal to with details to fit your own needs. If these goals do not fit your situation, feel free to make your own goals using extended family or friends.

Hold and/or attend Family Home Evening each week.
Hold and/or attend family prayer or household prayer ___times a day.
Improve your relationship with an extended family member .
Teach the importance of personal prayer to your children or those around you.
Hold family or roommate Council meeting regularly (go over calendar, house rules, upcoming events, etc).
Have daily family or group Scripture study.
Go on a fun family outing- times a year .Plan them together .
Be supportive and interested in all that your family members do. Give them POSITIVE feedback.
Limit the amount of t.v. that is watched in the home. (try keeping it off for a week)
Take the time to listen to each family member even if you are busy.
Hug your family members and tell them that you love them often.
Set family rules, and the consequences of disobeying them, together as a family. Enforce them and be consistent!
Have a family or group testimony meeting ___times a year .
Check out a video from the church library on a regular basis
Earnestly pray for each of your family members on a regular basis. Listen for ways you can help them.
Spotlight a different member of the family at each Family Home Evening.
Watch General Conference with your family.
Request a priesthood blessing for your family members as needed.
Request a monthly Father's interview for each child. (Mom's interview if there is no father in the home)
Help each child write down his/her goals, both short term and long term. Review them often.
Write a letter to a family member or roommate. Share your testimony and express your love.
Have a one-on-one activity with each family member to make them feel special

Family History
And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven
Matthew 16:19

Personalize each goal to with details to fit your own needs.

Write in your journal regularly.
Open (or add to) your family file at the temple.
Supply journals for your children. Help them remember to write in them regularly.
Start your family history by completing a four generation pedigree chart or add to what has already been done.
Do the temple work for as many relatives as you can. Ask others to help you if needed.
Organize your family photos. Make or update photo or remembrance books for yourself or your children.
Start or update your personal life history .
Write your child's childhood history .then teach him/her how to add to it each year .
Download or purchase a computer program such as P AF to help you organize your family history .
Interview your parents or grandparents about their lives. Get it on tape; use it to compile their life history
Plan and carry out a family reunion.
Start the tradition of sending out a family newsletter once or twice a year. Encourage other family members to do the same. Keep a copy of the letters as part of your family's historical record.
Write letters to obtain more information about your ancestors.
Make a family homepage on the internet or link up through e-mail to improve extended family communication.
Start saving to take a trip to the area your ancestors came from. Gather information while you are there.
Have a family letter writing night. Encourage your children to write letters to their grandparents or other extended family members.
Tell your children or grandchildren stories about their ancestors.
Write letters to your children, grandchildren, or extended family members, in them bear your testimony.

Missionary thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.
1 Timothy 4:12

Personalize each goal to with details to fit your own needs.

Pray for missionary work in every prayer. Pray that you will have a missionary experience.
Look for opportunities to teach others about the Gospel.
Talk with a non-member about the Church. Give them a Book of Mormon.
Invite an inactive member or a non~member to a Sunday meeting or Church activity .
Have the missionaries over to dinner- times a year .
Invite a non-member(s) over for dinner with the missionaries.
Write a letter to each missionary serving from your ward.
Send "'care" packages to the missionaries from your ward.
Teach your children the importance of serving a mission. Help them prepare themselves to serve.
Donate to the Ward Missionary Fund.
Go out of your way to meet and be friendly to your neighbors.
Strive to live your religion at all times.. Be an example to everyone around you.
Memorize the 13 Articles of Faith.
Encourage your children to invite their friends to Church.
Save money to go on a mission now or when you are retired.
Prepare for and send in your papers to serve a full time mission.
Sincerely ask the missionaries what you can do for them.
Study the true meaning of charity (the pure love of Christ). Pray that you may have it, and apply it in your life with everyone you see.
Attend a baptism, making a special effort to help the new member feel accepted.
Bear your testimony of Jesus Christ and of the Gospel.

Fulfill ye my joy, that ye be like-minded, have the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.
Philippians 2:20

Personalize each goal to with details to fit your own needs.

Feel free to list a goal that is personal to you:____________________________
Make a habit of telling family members and friends that you appreciate them.
Given encouraging comments or hugs to those around you.
Do an unsolicited act of kindness for someone you care about.
Often review and strive to be a virtuous woman as set forth in Proverbs 31: 10-31.
Recognize harmful feelings, attitudes, and actions experienced in childhood or other relationships and replace them with one in accordance to Christ's teachings and examples.
Analyze and list righteous qualities you want in an eternal companion and develop them in yourself.
Attend all church activities; get to know people there.
Abide by the church rules about dating and morality .Decide beforehand how you will handle adverse situations.
Set goals to help you become or stay temple worthy. Attend the temple with your husband or a friend.
Show compassion for others.
Teach your children about the sanctity of marriage even if they are being raised in a single parent home.
Write a letter to your husband, friend, or family member telling them all the things you appreciate about them
Plan a weekly meeting with your husband/family to discuss calendaring, budget, goals, concerns, etc.)
Hug your husband and tell him that you love him daily.
Do something special for you husband.
Go on a date with your husband _______times a month.
Plan an overnight getaway for just you and your husband.
Compliment your husband every time he does something you like.
Meet your husband for lunch during the week ______times a month.
Read an uplifting book about strengthening yourself or your marriage.


Home Management

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness,
Proverbs 31:27


Personalize each goal to with details to fit your own needs.

Inventory your year's supply of food. Write down what you need; buy some each time you go to the store.
Prepare 72 hour emergency kits for each member of the family; keep them in the car if possible.
Plan a budget; include money for food storage items and stick to it!
Plant a garden; use or store what you grow.
Learn how to home can fruits and vegetables.
Pick a day each month to work on unfinished projects (sewing, crafts, home repair, etc)
Stock up on non-food items such as soap, shampoo, first aid supplies, trash bags, etc. (stay within your budget)
Work on getting a good supply of firewood or other heating/cooking fuel
Plan and carry out a system of rotating your supply of food.
Use a family night or two every six months to plan and teach what to do in different types of emergencies. For example; fire, earthquake, lightning, first aid situations, how to shut off gas, water, electricity, post emergency numbers, etc.
Plant a fruit tree in your yard-
Spring clean and organize your house. Start at the front door and work clockwise until you are back at the front door
Do this one drawer at a time. could take months!
Have a garage sale with the extra things from your spring cleaning, or donate them to the needy .
Have all your important papers marked and organized in one place. (birth certificates, insurance, will, etc)
Have a family yard clean up day. Top it off with a treat for everyone.
Check the outside of your house for needed repairs or paint
Mark on the calendar one day each month to clean out or straighten your garage. Then do it!
Make a list of needed repairs inside your house. Fix them or call someone to help you.
Buy a picture of Christ or of your favorite temple and display it in your home.
Evaluate each child's room. Make sure the walls reflect the attitude and values you want your child to have.
Make something at Enrichment Night or elsewhere to beautify your home.
Decide as a family the rules for cleaning the house and keeping it clean. Stick to them! Prepare or update your will and/or trust.
Thoroughly clean or redecorate one room in your home.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.
Matthew 6:33


Personalize each goal to with details to fit your own needs.

Have personal prayer daily. (Write down details of how often)
Read or study the scriptures regularly, (Write down details of how much or how often)
Attend all church meetings, arrive on time or early.
Be a full tithe payer .
Keep the Sabbath Day holy.
Receive or renew your temple recommend.
Attend the temple times per month.
Attend all sessions of General Conference. Make goals based on what is said.
Fast for something/someone each Fast Sunday.
Make a list of blessings in your life, take time to frequently thank Heavenly Father for what you have been given.
Have a "Thankful Fast" to show appreciation for all you have been given.
Be receptive to the Holy Ghost. Follow each prompting.
Bear your testimony in Sacrament Meeting or Relief Society .
Read a spiritually uplifting church book.
Memorize your favorite scriptures.
Think of extra things you can do to go above and beyond the call of duty in your church calling
Keep a notebook of personal insights as you read the scriptures-
Re-read your Patriarchal Blessing. Set goals based on counsel given.
Listen to church tapes or uplifting music when you are in your car
Apologize to someone you have wronged.
Forgive someone who has wronged you, even if they don't ask for forgiveness.


Personal Improvement
....for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.
Ether 12:27

Personalize each goal to with details to fit your own needs.

Analyze your personality .Write down ways you can improve, then pick one and work to improve it.
Develop a Christ-Iike attitude. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Do not gossip or listen to others gossip.
Tell those that are dear to you how much appreciate them.
Make a list of the real blessings in your life. Thank Heavenly Father for them often. Remember to be humble in all that you do.
Do not speak unkindly about anyone.
Attend Enrichment Night regularly. Make something or learn a new skill.
Change one bad habit into a good habit.
Make it a habit to give .compliments often. ( see .the good .in others)
Do not judge others. Develop a genuine love for everyone.
Control your temper. When something makes you mad, think "what would Jesus do"
Seek professional help to resolve a problem or issue of the past if necessary
Develop a new talent.
Improve a talent you already have, and then share it with others
Develop or continue a hobby.
Receive your Patriarchal Blessing.
Join the Ward Choir.
Share your talent with others by teaching it or performing in front of others.
Be artistic, make something to share with others.
Teach a skill you have to a child
Be on time or early to your appointments and meetings.