Birthday “Kits” from Rebecca Goodro
Birthday “Kits” from Rebecca Goodro

Birthday “Kits” from Rebecca Goodro

3kitsThanks so much to Rebecca Goodro for this GREAT Birthday Idea

Hey just wanted to pass along my latest “y.w. creation”.  I decided that these would be a birthday gift from the y.w. leaders.  When the girls turn 12, they’ll get the personal progress kit.  When they turn 14, they’ll get the dance kit.  And when they turn 16, they’ll get the date kit.  Then for the off birthdays 13,15,17 the counselor and adviser of that girl will take care of her birthday in whatever way they want.
This has been so successful in our YW’s and the girls really look forward to these meaningful gifts at these important ages.  Rather then cupcakes and balloons each year.

hi idea door…

just wanted to say thank you for a great idea and show you the tags we made to go on our version of the kits…

each tag is a folded tent-card… a different color for each kit. on the outside is “happy birthday” and a little

saying (printed on white paper then glued to similar colored cardstock) then on the inside in the name of the kit

and the “suggestions” for each kit. we punched a whole in the tag and tied it to the corresponding kit with ribbon.

thanks again!!

i.b. young women… in southern san diego, ca


ppkit2 bday-pp2

PP Book
PP Journal
B of M charm bracelet
YW Value Card

Some Suggestions for working on Personal Progress

1.     Find some quiet time (Sunday is a great day)
2.    Don’t get overwhelmed (work on one goal at a time)
3.    Talk to your parents for suggestions & support
4.    Share with your YW leaders your concerns and your successes
5.    Keep your Book “out” so it’s just something your always working on
6.    Use the Post-Its to always have your current goal in front of you
7.    Don’t just pick the “easiest” goal to get done quickly.  Choose things that interest you, and will help better YOU as a person

Always remember what the actual purpose of doing Personal Progress is:
To help you to “Come unto  Christ” (Moroni 10:32) and to more fully learn of your Divine Nature.





Strength of Youth
YW Value Card
Lip Gloss
Some Suggestions For Church Dances

1.  Get ready for the dance…Take a shower, brush your teeth, hair & makeup is always nice.
2.  Don’t forget what the approved dress standards are when choosing your outfit. You don’t want the embarrassment of being asked to go home and change. And you don’t want the guy dancing with you to feel uncomfortable because of the questionable outfit that you somehow justified.
3.  Go with a friend but don’t be joined at the hip. No guy is going to interrupt the highly intense conversation that you seem to be having with your girlfriend every time he walks by you.
4.  Never say “NO” to a guy who had the courage to walk over and ask you to dance in the first place. (a song lasts approximately 3 minutes, it’s not THAT bad)
5.  Know your standards (For the Strength of Youth)
6.  Don’t forget your dance card





Life Savers- “If sadness occurs because you have no date, take one of these before it’s too late”

Hershey’s Kisses- “If you’re feeling an urge for a kiss, we recommend that you splurge on this!”

Tic Tacs- “TIC TAC TIC TOK Don’t forget to watch the clock.  (Be home on time)”

Gum- “NEVER have bad breath, that’s just good advice”

Baskin Robins spoon- “Try all the flavors before you decide on your favorite.(Avoid steady dating)”

Nail Grooming Kit- “To avoid starting the date off stressed, allow enough time for yourself to get ready and dressed.”

YW Value Card

use as directed…

1. Make sure you have a cell phone or enough change for a pay phone
2. Know what kind of activity he has planned before you say yes (and dress appropriately)
3. Know your standards.  Review “For the Strength of Youth” often
4. Know what time you are supposed to be home, and tell him before the date begins.
5. Remember who you are and Have Fun!