Temple dress hanger poems


My White Hanger
It hangs there in the closet awaiting that special day,
The day I make sacred oaths and promises,
I won’t have it another way.
The softness and white remind me of the way I need to live,
Pure and white and worthy, to my future husband I give.
The day will come when this hanger will hold a pure white dress.
It symbolizes the life I have chosen to be my happiest.
By Sharon Moake

This temple hanger was made especially for you,
For your temple dress someday, white and new.
As you see this hanger in your closet each day,
Remember to be morally clean in every way.
Prepare now for the blessings the temple brings.
Choose what is right, strive for eternal things.
The most important decision you’ll ever make
Is the one you will choose for you eternal mate.
Date young men that will respect your virtue
And to their priesthood covenants be true.
Our Father in Heaven is watching over you.
Set high standards and worthy goals pursue.
He will help you to always choose what is right,
If you seek His protection each day and night.
Your life will be blessed as you follow the Lord,
So keep His commandments and live His word.
Live your life so you can go to the temple
It’s the Lord’s House and He wants you to enter.
Linda Dastrup

White Satin Hanger Poems
My Wedding Dress
In my closet I will hang
this reminder to see,
that a temple dress is reserved
especially for me.
A sacred covenant on
my wedding day,
will be a testimony of the
things I did say.
When I was a young woman
with choices to make,
of styles and clothes I did
wear and create,
I made right decisions
avoiding stylish fad.
Popularity and acceptance
I could have had.
Instead I chose modesty
and remained chaste.
Regardless of the trials
I sometimes faced.
Now I have something more
precious and divine,
A worthy husband who will
forever be mine!

Hang on to your values,
Hang on to your testimony,
Hang on to your goals,
So that some day you can “Hang” your temple Dress on me.

By Kathy Carrico Himle
“Forever Hanger”
In a bedroom closet
a hanger, silently grasps an Iron Rod
Just an ordinary hanger?
No, for upon closer look,
this hanger seems different somehow…
It doesn’t seem to have the sharp corners
or the same colors as the others hanging there.
This hanger isn’t clad with dresses, shirts, or sweaters,
but stands quite apart.
The hanger doesn’t strain or bend
beneath the load placed upon it.
It carries no burden at all.
For this hanger is arrayed in spotless white.
It’s gentle gathers whisper conviction.
All corners are softly padded in preparation
of tomorrow and of eternities to come.
A low, tender reminder
of Heavenly Father and his plan of love and security.
Then at the very top,
A sturdy look which clings to the Iron Rod.
For the hanger knows
That this is the only road
That leads us to happiness
And lasting satisfaction.
This hanger is hanging on “Forever”
Through each day and hardship.
And though the hanger sometimes feels
pressured and crowded,
It darest not release its grip
upon the safety of the rod.
For when it looks upon it with an eternal perspective…
It realizes with time,
one of the other hangers may move,
sending it crashing down
where it will surely become torn
and trodden upon.
So this hanger stands alone,
beautiful, patient, and pure.
It’s mission: to hold your temple dress
and as an example to endure.
So as you dress each morning,
in preparation for a new day.
Let your eyes gaze upon this hanger,
Remember to stand tall,
and with your hanger….
Hang on to “FOREVER”

By Kathy Carrico Himle

Your White Hanger
Someday in the future,
We hope you will find
The man of your dreams
Someone “one of a kind”!
Imagine the blessings
Our Father will give
If you marry in His way
And righteously live.
We give you this hanger
Reminding you of your goal
To be sealed in the temple –
Two halves can be whole!
And not just until death –
No, you can be together
Creating worlds without end.
So “hang on to forever”!
This hanger is white –
Symbolic to be sure.
Oh please, please remember
To stay spotless and pure!
There is one more symbol
Count the sides – there are three.
Think ‘sacred triangle’ –
“My spouse, God, and me.”
Only with God as a part
Of your life and your union
Will you find the way Home
For a blessed reunion!
We pray you will strive
To live day by day
To be worthy of the blessings
Of marriage in God’s way.
-Michelle Linford

One White Hanger
I see it there. In the closet.
That which will carry my wedding dress. {You could put temple dress
It is white. Temple white.
In my keeping, it has not known ball shirts,
nor everyday wear.
It is clean. Waiting. . .
there for a special day. A special purpose.
The colors of the closet mix and swirl in
psychedelic confusion. The song of the world pulls & tugs,
but there it is. In the whiteness, waiting.
Suddenly, there is peace and calm.
Gently, I finger it’s softness, and feel the joy
of the dreams of tomorrow.
That which is special knows a time & a season.
To have used it before would have robbed. . . .betrayed,
the purpose of it’s creation.
It must be new and clean and white. Temple white.
Created lovingly for noble purposes.
It has waited. . .in my keeping.
The waiting and resisting will be worth it.
We will wait together.
One white hanger. . . .and me.
For my temple wedding day.