Handout binder

Handout binder

We gave each girl a ½”-sized binder, but instead of pocket pages, we just used page protectors.

In the many YW books idea we inherited in our closet, the PP leader found cute pages to copy for each value.  She copied each one in its color and the girls use them as page dividers and put their handouts from each lesson, as well as their monthly calendar.

We made these binders as one of our first combined YW activities as a new YW board, and had the girls (and the leaders too!) decorate the cover to their book with pictures of their family, their favorite temple, the Savior, favorite quotes, and other things that they believed represented themselves. The girls really loved doing it and most of them bring it to church every Sunday!

We decided that we didn’t want to make them carry a separate binder or folder for those in a class presidency, so they just have a separate section in their own binder for that info.  They’ll just pass that section on when they’re released from that position.

Heidi Williams  Ü
Ogden, UT