YW 2013 Bookmarks
YW 2013 Bookmarks

YW 2013 Bookmarks

YW / YM 2013 Bookmarks

You can print the 4 x 6 photo cards out and then cut them in half. And 2 files of PDF

Ym 2013 Bookmark sm

YW 2013 Bookmark 1 sm

jpgym 2013 bookmark.jpg1.04 MB jpgyw 2013 bookmark 1.jpg903.54 KB
YW 2013 Bookmark 3 smYW 2013 Bookmark 2 sm
jpgyw 2013 bookmark 3.jpg1.49 MB jpgyw 2013 bookmark 2.jpg2.29 MB
YW 2013 Bookmark 1 pdf smYW 2013 Bookmark 2 pdf sm


pdfyw 2013 bookmarks 4on a full page.pdf10.02 MB


pdfyw 2013 bookmarks 5 on page 7 in tall.pdf9.38 MB

This are just the images that are offered on the churchs web site, but I made them into a image, they only have it as a PDf file.

2013 theme boys image sm

2013 theme girls image sm

jpg2013 theme boys image.jpg2.06 MB jpg2013 theme girls image.jpg2.11 MB