General Conference Personal Progress  Value Project
General Conference Personal Progress  Value Project

General Conference Personal Progress Value Project


General Conference Value Project

  1. Write out your goal in your Personal Progress book under a value of your choice, and have your leader or parent approve it.
  2. Make a General Conference notebook.  It can be as simple or as fancy as you wish.  You could decorate a regular notebook with paper, embellishments or pictures of apostles and prophets from the church website.  Make sure you keep track of your time.
  3. Listen to all four sessions of General Conference, taking notes of every speaker, and being especially aware of any speaker whose subject matter is dealing with the value you have chosen.  For April’s Conference, you can also watch the Young Women’s broadcast and take notes on that session as well.
  4. After or between sessions, look at your notes (especially concentrating on the speakers who have spoken about your chosen value).  Have your scriptures nearby.  For the other two or less hours of your project, write a summary of what you have learned about your value.  You may include the following ideas:By now, you should have completed your 10-hour project!  Evaluate your project in your Personal Progress book, and have it signed off by your parent or leader.  Be sure to show them your awesome General Conference notebook.  They will for sure be impressed!
    1. Faith or Knowledge: Write about how your faith or knowledge has increased by listening to the words of the prophets.  Include ideas about how your testimony of the prophet has grown.
    2. Divine Nature, Individual Worth, or Integrity:  Write about any new ideas you have on how you can increase your divine nature, individual worth, or integrity.  Include your testimony of these important values.
    3. Choice and Accountability:  Write about your choice to listen to all sessions of conference.  Include ideas on how conference affected you, as well as your testimony of the importance of making good choices.
    4. Good Works: Write about ideas that you have come up with for doing service to others.  Refer to specific examples from the talks you have heard.  Write about the importance of showing gratitude for the unspoken service all around you, especially from family members.
    5. Remember that all Conference talks will be posted at three days after Conference is over, in case you need to refer to them again.

WE ALSO ADDED THIS, although it is not included in the print out.

  • Join us April 4th after conference (time and place to be announced)  with your finished project for a yummy treat. If you have already finished Personal Progress then just come over and have a treat anyway.