Kool-aid Object Lesson

She had another GREAT object lesson on Personal Progress.  She had two containers of equal size, and a Koolaid packet.  She said each container represented a young woman. She then asked the girls all they need to do to live the gospel.  Scripture study, prayer, etc.all the standard answers.  As they named each item, she poured a little Koolaid into each container, so that it was even between the two.  Both “young women” were doing all these things.  Then she brought out a small bag with sugar in it.
She said this represents Personal Progress.  The difference between the two girls was that one was doing Personal Progress and one was not. She poured the sugar in one of the containers and shook it up, and asked how each container would taste.  Her whole point was that Personal Progress was the “sweetness” – the final ingredient to make everything blend together.  She mentioned that no, you don’t need to do PP to attend the temple, that it was not one of the questions in a temple recommend interview, but that it can add something to your life, and it’s what God wants his Young Women to do right now.