PJ’s Party

PJ’s Party

This one goes with a bear/doll:
I’m your little PJ’S Pal, I’ll sit here on your bed.
I’m just a little reminder, to make sure your prayers are said.
I’ll sit here and look so cute, and when the day is through,
You’ll see me and remember you have journal writing to do.
And just before you climb in bed, and close your eyes so tight,
I’ll be there to remind you, to read your scriptures tonight.

This one went with pj’s or a pillow case:
As nightfall approaches, you’re weary with care,
There’s a big test tomorrow, and what should you wear?
Will that cute boy ever notice what he means to you?
You’ve set the full stage, what more can you do?

You’re tired and you’re weary, glad this day is thru,
So gather your PJ’S, reach for bed to renew!
Nothing feels better than the peace of this time.
Your PJ’S give comfort, they’re exceedingly fine.

I don’t mean the glad rags you’ve worn here tonight,
Those are just earthly garments, though you look a delight.
No I mean the PJ’S that end each day in peace.
The PJ’S for nighttime, that aren’t made of fleece.

‘P’ is for prayer and promises made by our Father above.
If we pray to Him always, He’ll guard us with love.
Pray for His guidance as your late eve begins,
And again before bed to let His messages in.

‘J’ is for the journal He’s told us to keep,
Record in it nightly, before you do sleep.
In third Nephi he tells us ‘as we’ve written we’ll be judged’
Do you wish to explain why on this one you’ve fudged?

‘S’ is for scriptures, most sacred to us,
For these are God’s wishes and we cannot rush.
They will guide us through trials, give commandments, give peace,
With them eternity is possible, remember life is only on lease.

These are your PJ’S , they cover you well,
Protect you and keep you if you never fail.
These PJ’S He’s given, for on your heart to let dwell.
God is there for you always, He listens and does not tell.

And I promise you this, if your PJ’S you cherish,
God will always be with you, and you will not perish.

by Ricki Edwards