PP Costume party

PP Costume party

We had a PP party just a few months ago. We had 2 contest one was for the best costume and the other was for the best dessert. We then let the girls make and set their PP goals for this year. We also let the girls make PP pillow cases that they put some of their long and short term dreams on so that they could be reminded of them each night. Each girl got some kind of award and we had the Bishopric judge the desserts. It was alot of fun… we let the girls know about it a while ahead so they could start coming up with some good ideas. Some of the things the girls did were:

– One girl wore a Pink t-shirt with a Pink skirt that had Purple Polka-dots on it. She then put big Purple P’s on her shirt in different fonts held on by bobby Pins!

– Another girl wore a Purple Pullover and Pink PJ’s that had Penguins on them with Purple slippers with her hair in Pig-tails!

– We had one girl enter a dessert that was  vanilla Pudding Pie with Pink cool whip topping decorated with purple pinwheels and a large Purple P for PP Party! (It was so good…!)

– We had another girl bring Peanut butter and apple sailboats and on the sails it said PP Party

Some of our girls got really into it. It was alot of fun! Hope this helps!