Value Jar

We went out and spent about $50 in our budget and bought lots of little dollar store stuff in value colors. The idea is that each month when we focus on one particular value, we have a big clear jar with lots of colored items in the jar that correspond with that month’s value.  When a girl brings her PP book and shows us that she has finished a value experience and either has us sign it off or has had her parent sign it off, we let her pick something out of our “value jar”.


white tic tacs
white hair ties
white gum (the trident kind that comes in the bubble packages…taken out)
white nail files
white scrubbie things (not sure what they are called)
white nail polish
white hand lotion (travel size)
white candle
white mirror
white bath beads

Blue-Divine Nature

Blue nail polish
Blue mood lipstick
Blue hair ties
Blue wrigley’s gum (Wintergreen I think)
Blue comb
Blue heart keychain
Blue candy bars (almond joy, zero M&M crispy candies)
blue candle
blue mirror
blue bath beads/salts

Red-Individual worth

Red nail polish
red lipstick/gloss
red hair ties
red hot candies
red licorice
red candle
red mirror keychain shaped like a heart
red starburst candies wrapped in plastic bag
red socks


Green nail polish (ewwww…but the girls love it!)
Green mood lipstick (it doesn’t go on green, it’s just tinted that color)
Green hair ties
Green tic tacs
Green wrigley’s gum packs
Green starburst candies (wrapped in a plastic bag with a green ribbon tying it)
green candle
green bath beads/salts

Choice and Accountability-Orange

Cheese/peanut butter crackers
Reeses candies
Orange nail polish
orange hand lotion (peach–travel size)
orange tic tacs
orange candle
orange bath bead
orange airhead candy
orange starburst candies

Good works-Yellow

yellow hair ties
yellow hair clips
yellow candle
yellow nail file
yellow starburst candies
yellow bath beads
yellow hand lotion


purple candle
purple mirror keychain in flower shape
purple candies (dollar store)
purple airhead candy
purple nail polish
purple lip gloss
purple starburst candies
purple hand lotion
purple bath beads

Gold-Virtue – please send your ideas

Gold Coin Candy

Gold Hair Tie