Daddy Daughter Activities with YW

I have done Daddy/Daughter dodgeball, we had the dad’s tie their hands behind their back and the girls slipped their arms underneath to replace their dad’s arms and had to perform certain tasks; ie. eat cereal, shave (with popsicle stick and cream) read a newspaper, brush teeth, brush hair…the girls couldn’t see either as their was a drape between them
and their dad’s.  Just their hands were underneath the drape.  This was hilarious.  We videotaped it too, so the girls could see it later.  We also had the girls see if they could pick out their Dad’s feet from behind a petition. We also blindfolded the Dad’s and had them see if they could find their daughter by feeling the girls hands.  It was a riot.  Then we had light dinner and desserts.

When our ward had a daddy daughter activity we called it “Damsels and Duffers” and played a type of mini golf around the outside of the ward building.  We used that name because of some girls who would be coming without fathers, but with substitutes.  Everyone had a score card…I am trying to remember what the different holes were, but I know one was putting down a handicapped ramp that had a turn in it.  I think one was frisbees at targets.  Pretty vague, but maybe a start.  I personally vote for the 50’s idea.  I think that sounds fun.

We just had a Daddy/Daughter activity last week and it was a lot of fun.  We played “Priesthood Pyramid” based on the game show Pyramid which is hosted by Donny Osmond (I remember is as $10,000 Pyramid, so I’m hoping I’m getting the right name) and “Hollywood Squares.”  Because we had recently had some lessons on the priesthood, “Priesthood Pyramid” was questions on priesthood and priesthood holders.  There were a lot of questions about former prophets–recent and through the scriptures.  (For Brigham Young the clue could be, “This prophet led the Saints to the West.”) (I’m trying to
remember the clever clues that were given for each category and can only remember “The Better Half” which was wives of the prophets–Emma Smith, Sarai (Abraham’s wife), Eve, etc.)   We used two portable chalkboards with the corkboard type of stuff on the back so we could just use push pins to hold the triangles in.  To play the fast round (for 100 Grand candy bars), we pinned the answer triangle to the board and then had a slightly larger triangle we pinned over it.  We found if the pin was closer to the middle
than to a corner it kept the answer covered.  We found we needed to give them 40 seconds for the first part of the game where they are going from one team to the other.  Twenty seconds did not give them near enough time.  My Secretary (who was in charge of this game) used 3 x 5 cards which she had stuck together with a brad in the upper left corner for the words they had to describe to each other.  She used 6 words per game.  (I think they use 7 on the actual game show)  She cut the 3 x 5 cards so the top one was 1 x 5, the second was 1 3/4 x 5, the third 2 1/2 x 5, etc. so they were easy for the “contestants” to use.

Then we played Holl”YW”ood Squares.  The “stars” were lined up in one area. Three stood, three sat on adult chairs and three sat on Primary chairs (we had the smaller girls sit in those).  The “stars” were a mixture of YW and Dads.  They were each given a large X or O (X’s all one color, O’s all another color).  The emcee asked them questions about the Young Women’s program.  Be sure to let them know they can bluff.  Some of the questions had to do with the Personal Progress program, others the Seven Values, etc.
It was fun to see how much the Dad’s knew about the program in which their daughters are involved and how much the girls know about the priesthood and the scriptures.

We alternated games so that there was time to set up the next Pyramid game. We had pie for dessert and while we ate, we asked the Dad’s if they would share their feelings about being able to use their priesthood to bless their families or someone else.  It was a wonderful evening.

we did it as a Father Daughter Activity– the girls and their parent arrived together.  The girls were taken to one room and the parent to the cultural hall where we head the tables set up.  Once everyone was there we blindfolded each girl one at a time and led them to the
cultural hall and instructed them to touch the head and shoulders of each “adult” we led them too.  They were to determine if that was their parent.  We didn’t have one girl miss.  We then gave them an analogy of using their faith to find their Father in Heaven.  That
thru the relationship they build with their Heavenly Father there will be “distinguishing marks” just like those that helped them all to locate their earthly fathers.  It was really cool– made me cry and I don’t cry easily!! 🙂

Last night we had a great daddy daughter activity for the Laurels that had minimal work in preparation.

We had refreshments on a table for all to eat–chocolate chip cookies, nachos, and pop.

First we played the Daddy-Daughter version of the newlywed game.  We had one of our Laurels come up with the questions and they were great.  We had the girls and their dads in separate rooms to answer their questions.  I will try to remember the questions.  We asked 4 questions to each group.

The girls were asked the following about their dads.

What is your dad dreading the most about growing older?

A.  Going gray/bald

B.  Having all the kids move out of the house

C.  Retirement

If we believed in reincarnation, what would your dad have been in his previous life

A.  A mountain man

B.  A Greek Philosopher

C.  An Indian Chief

E.  A joker in a medeival court

What did your dad spend the most time doing in High School?

A. Sports

B. Chasing Girls

C.  Homework

D.  Working

I can’t remember the 4th question.

The dads were asked about the girls

If your daughter was stranded on a desert island with a male movie star, who would she want it to be?

How long does it take your daughter to get ready for school?

What is your daughter’s favorite type of music?

If your daughter came home from school with a black eye, how do you think she would have got it?

This game was really fun.  The we asked each girl to tell us something special about her dad.

After that we played a relay type of pictionary.  The girls and dads were on separate teams.  Each team had a white board and marker.  The leader of the game had items written down in three categories–girl’s things (such as blowdryer, make-up, etc.), dad’s things (hammer, razor, etc.), Book of Mormon things (liahona, Moroni, etc.).  One girl and dad started.  The leader told them what category they were on, then showed them the word.  They went back to their respective white board and drew until someone guessed.  That person then ran up to the leader and got the next word.  We did it as a race to see which team could finish all the words first.  Both the girls and the dads were very competitive and finished at almost the same time.  It was very fun.  We then took a picture of each girl and her dad.  The party was then over.  It only lasted about an hour and everyone had a great time.

Hope this helps someone.


We just had a successful father daughter activity that I thought I would share. We had 13 girls attend. 3 girls didn’t have dads and 2 of them had to share their dads with sisters so we had “surrogate” dads. We even have two sisters that are in wheelchairs and their dad hopped on the back of their chairs and went with both of them up and did everything. He tied his tie around his head and looked like Rambo. It was very cool. Everyone else was paired up 1 girl/1 dad They had an arm and a leg tied together. They had to complete tasks tied together. Here is what we did….
They all sat in a long row across the cultural hall. On the other side of the cultural hall we had 4 tables set up and had various activities happening one at a time. They had to get over across the room together and do the activity together and get back to their seats together.
1. Had to fold a towel
2. Had to take off one of the YW shoes and put on a lace up shoe that was on the table and tie it
3. Had to shave each other.. Dad’s face, YW shin (using tongue depressors No RAZORS!!)
4. Had to tie a tie
5. Had to paint one hand on each other with Nail Polish (we then had nail polish remover after so they could remove it) Some dad’s protested but did it anyway.. hehe I got PICS!!!!
6. Had to spread peanut butter on cracker each and eat it and then whistle first two lines of three blind mice
7. Blow up a balloon, walk across room and touch table go back and pop the balloon by sitting on it.

Then we had a relay race and broke it up to 4 groups of three each. They had to start at one end of cultural hall and skip to the other end (tied to their partner) and then go around a chair 3 times, walk backwards back down and then get a basketball and shoot a basket. Really funny watching the dad with the two motorized wheelchair girls trying to not do splits while on the back of both wheelchairs. We took the 4 winners from those groups and had them do it again to get final winner. We had kept track of which groups had gotten done first with the tasks and YW pres happen to have 8 movie passes so we had first thru fourth place and they each got a movie pass. We had popsicles for dessert and of course video taped and took pictures. VERY SUCCESSFUL ACTIVITY… Even some Young Men wanted to know why they couldn’t have an activity like this. Try it, it was fun.

Amber humphres

What we did last year was have a Daddy/Daughter dance which was totally 50’s. We decorated the gym. (one of our girls even made a jukebox) All the fathers and girls
dressed up. We, the leaders waited on them. We made cheeseburgers on George Forman grills and fries in the oven. We made chocolate shakes for them to drink through straws. We had a place set up as a diner, a place for the music and a place decorated for pictures. Each daddy and girl got their picture made together. They all danced in the middle of the gym to 50’s songs and we had little trophies for the best dancers, best dressed and a bubble blowing contest. (Superbubble bubble gum works best) The dad that won blew a bubble the size of his head!! It was so much fun. We took tons of pictures for our YW
scrapbook and framed the pictures of the girls and their dad’s for a Father’s Day gift. Hope this helps!!

Try these websites for some ideas.
Gwen from TX