Domestic Diva night

They had little stations set up and divided the girls up into groups.  The stations were: how to do the laundry, how to pack a suitcase with little wrinkling and how to hem and sew on a button.  The girls loved it and were given a gold foil crown at the end of the evening.  They earned their “jewels” at each station.  My girls just loved it.

The next Domestic Diva night they taught the YW how to make Pumpkin Butter and they made cheesecake out of it.  I think that night they got a little bouquet of wooden spoons tied together with a cute bow.

The last Domestic Diva night they had a woman come and teach them how to write checks and balance a checkbook and budget.  They gave them a little calculator that night.

This next month they are having a Miss Fix It evening.  I think a mechanic is coming to teach them about changing oil, tires etc…  Then I think they are having a plumber come and show them how to change a washer on the faucet.

Our YW leaders are fabulous!  They are so creative and make these things so much fun for the girls to learn.
Good luck, hope this helps a little!
Love, Debi/OGden, UT