Ketchup night

“Ketchup night”

Thanks to V. Dastrup for sharing this fun ideas.

You provide the ketchup and a $3 bag of frozen tatertots or fries. The girls bring their personal progress books and go through them with leaders to “catch up” records sheets.  We do this twice a year and have the girls get into small groups to read scriptures or work on bits of their “experiences” that they have in common to still accomplish.  My girls love it!  You can tell each one to bring a highlighter or colored pencil and show them how to highlight or underline each phrase of the experience as they do it, so they always know where they left off last time.  This tiny organizational hint has helped my girls immensely!  That way they  always know what parts they’ve done, so they don’t always feel like  they’re doing the same things over and over and never really completing it.