Mystery Date

We had a spaghetti dinner, which each class made and brought part. We had the tables set up and decorated nicely (I think we did this in February and used a Valentine theme).  Here’s the twist:  Each girl, guy and leader was in charge of making and bringing her own “date”.  It was hilarious as we all entered with clothes stuffed with newspapers with balloon heads, dressed up brooms, Raggedy Andy’s, Halloween skeletons, and every conceivable sort of thing made to resemble a man or woman.  The “dates” had chairs at the table and as the evening went on it got funnier and funnier as the girls loosened up and “talked” to their dates, and told everyone how wonderful they were.  After dinner, there was dancing, and that got really funny as some of the “dates” heads’ fell off.  Anyway, it was just a goofy evening, but one that everyone ended up loving.  If you’re looking for a fun activity, this one worked.