Oscars night Ideas

Oscars night Ideas

We are going to do an awards night theme like the Oscars but we are
going to come up with a name that has a more spiritual base—maybe
something that ties to the 6 B’s.  I got this idea from Christy and
we are going to do our tables like the ones in her picture with the
popcorn etc. on the tables.  Since the BOM movie is coming out the
month before our activity I think I will try to see if there is any
way I can get a hold of one of those movie posters and some movie
posters from The Other Side of Heaven and a few other LDS theme
movies to hang on the wall.  We are going to have the girls who are
interested come to the church or one of the leaders houses an hour
or so ahead of time so they can help each other fix fancy hair (like
they are going to prom or a real fancy awards show).  They seemed
pretty excited about that.  We will present awards for achievements
throughout the year and also silly camp awards and we will have a
red “carpet” (wide red butcher paper) for them to walk in on.  They
will have table displays of their PP value projects or a display of
skills they have developed through completing PP goals.  After the
fun part of the night we will have our spiritual part but I haven’t
settled on a theme yet.  I would love to hear other ideas too!!


Last year we did the Star Awards.  We turned the primary room into a night at the Oscars with a red carpet lined with lights, disco ball and spotlight, white curtains hung from the portable chalk boards framing the front.  We had a Power Point presentation announcing each girl, the value and their projects. We had the priests in ties and cummerbunds escorting the “winners” to the front to accept their award and make a speech.  The girls all wore modest formals (we did an activity in advance about modesty and had them all pick out and try on formals we collected from ward members).  We had ladies from Relief Society come 2 hours in advance to do hair and nice makeup.  We had a great night, many parents complimented us and the girls loved it.

Hey Mindi – we did the same theme a couple of years ago – for the “oscar” statue – we bought barbie’s from the dollar store (they happened to be wearing modest dresses  – go figure!  Obviously they weren’t REAL barbies..haha)  We posed them and then spray painted them gold – so adorable!


Just last week, our ward put on our Young Women in Excellence awards night. We had each girl make a video ahead of time showing one or more of their personal progress projects or goals. Some of the videos were very serious and others were hilarious. We let the girls decide how they wanted to present their activities.

Then we had an Oscars night. The girls wore formals (their own or borrowed from others in the ward) and the bishopric wore tuxes that we got from a local theater group.

We had announcements of the nominees (for example, in the field of culinary arts, the nominees are Julia Child, Emeril Legasi, and ______) and announced our own young women as the winners. As each girl received her awards, we showed her video.

We had a red (plastic) carpet, sparkling lights, and great refreshments. We had fun with our tongue-in-cheek awards presentations, but also had a brief talk by our bishop and by a young woman from our ward who recently returned from a mission and is getting married in the temple soon. She talked about how personal progress had helped her prepare for a mission and marriage.

The evening was a great success. The girls had a lot of fun and were inspired to do even more. The parents enjoyed the fun presentation, and even the dads were involved with video production. It was a terrific evening, everyone went away inspired and no one was bored!

Cindy Tyler
Vista First Ward, Vista, CA