Pioneer Trek

Last week for our activity we made pioneer bonnets and aprons for the girls to have for our Trek.  They looked so cute!

We started the evening with a talk about packing your wagon and I brought a bunch of stuff from home to represent what a pioneer would pack and then we went around and each girl said what 1 thing she would take if she was a pioneer.  Then we talked about how we are all pioneers in the world today and that we need to be just as prepared with our wagons packed properly for our journey.  I showed a few things that we have to help us like scriptures, True to the Faith, PP book, Patriarchal Blessings and then the girls named a thing they need for this journey and why.  Then we packed all our stuff in our wagon and headed off on our trek.

First we went to Palmyra to a readers theater done by Joseph and Emma (the Bishop and his wife.).  We went into a dark room and they were sitting at a table with lamps beside them that they turned off and on when they spoke.  It talked a lot about they felt about each other and how they supported each other.

Next was Fayette where we shook whipping cream into butter and played a bit of Joseph Smith trivia.

Then to Kirtland where we told them the story of the pioneer ladies who gave their china to make the walls of the temple sparkle.  The story came from the Friend.  Then we let the girls each break a dish and we are saving the pieces for another activity.

And of course Nauvoo where 1 of my councilors who was in Nauvoo in the fall talked to the girls about what it was like there what to expect when we are there and showed pictures and did a great job of getting them excited.

Our last stop was Salt Lake City where we at a hearty pioneer meal of soup and buns and apple crisp the girls had made at an activity last week that we had frozen.  We decorated this room with maps and posters and books about the pioneers and Joseph Smith.  Everyone enjoyed relaxing and visiting and the girls all posed for cute pictures.