Snowman Activity

We did a snowman relay were we divided the girls into two teams.  Two girls from each team ran to the opposite side of the room were one had to dress the other as a snowman (hat, nose, eyes, gloves, scarf) then once the snowman was dressed they undressed him
and ran back to the next group of girls.  The winning team got Hershey kisses.  Then each girl got to us her creativity and make a snowman using large and small marshmallow, chocolate chips, fruit leather, red hots, cloves etc.  They attached the snowman together
with toothpicks and or white frosting.  They turned out so cute.  After that the girls mixed up some snowman poop (hot chocolate marshmallows with a peppermint stick to stir) and watched the movie called “the snowman” and cut out snowflakes.  The girls had a fun
time visiting and laughing.  Linda