Special Gift is Friendship Night


Have a “Special Gift is Friendship Night” fulfill this requirement   “Heavenly Father has given you special gifts. Read1 Corinthians 12:4–12; 13; Moroni 7:12–13; 10:8–18; and Doctrine and Covenants 46:11–26. Ask a family member, a Young Women leader, and a friend to write
down positive qualities the Lord has given you. List your gifts in your journal, and write how you can continue to develop these gifts and use them to serve your family and others.”  Beforehand ask the dads or moms to write down what special gifts they think their daughter has, have their y.w. leader do the same, then during the evening you have a long
sheet of paper for each girl with their name at the top, have the girls sit in a circle, you give them their paper, and then you have them pass them to the right – the person to their right writes a sentence about a gift they think that girl possesses, then they fold the paper up so their answer doesn’t show and they pass it to the right again.  You could have some nice music playing in the background.

You could start the evening by having beautifully wrapped packages on a table – inside you could have a paper with a gift written on it – you could have each girl open one – this would get them thinking on the different gifts that one could have – like sense of humor, kindness, gentleness, honesty, positive, gift of faith, testimony, etc.

Then have them fill out each other’s papers, then tell them you have a special gift for each of them – tell them that their leaders and their parents have also written them special letters, tell them that hopefully they will treasure and cherish these letters, tell them
that you hope they will take them home, read them, pray about them and realize that they are special daughter’s of God and that he has indeed given them many gifts for them to develop and if they do they will be blessed and their future families will also be blessed for
their diligence in magnifying what Heavenly Father has already given them.

Shared by: Amy