$100,000 pyramid game

The game is played much like the TV game show.  We cut triangles out of posterboard,wrote the clue on one side, and pinned them to a bulletin board in the shape of a triangle.  One team chooses a triangle by the clue.  The Emcee then tells what the category is actually about. It is timed.  We found they needed about a minute as they got almost no answers in 20 – 30 seconds.  Each of the two teams (we used father/daughter teams) gets 3 sets of clues since there are 6 clues on the bulletin board. The team with the most points (one point per correct answer) moves on to the speed round.  The clues the players give each other are printed on 3 x 5 cards with holes punched in the upper left corner of each and a brad inserted to hold them all together.   To do the speed round we had the answers on triangles that were pinned to the bulletin board in the shape of a pyramid.  We had a larger red triangles (also cut from posterboard)pinned over the answers.  They were removed to reveal the next clue as the contestants got the answers right.  The prizes were 100 Grand candy bars.


Road Trip!
Describe things related to Lehi leaving Jerusalem.
Zoram, Liahona, wilderness, Vision of Tree of Life, Ishmael, Laban

History 101
Describe things related to Joseph Smith History
Epistle of James, sealed book, persecution, Moroni, gold plates, Kirtland,

Boy, It’s Dusty in Here!
Describe these prophets from the Book of Mormon
Enos, Alma, Nephi, Moroni, Abinadi, Mosiah

There’s a Call on Line 1
Describe Aaronic Priesthood Callings and Responsibilities
Priest, Pass the Sacrament, Bishop, Teacher, Baptize, Deacon

You’re Not Old!
Describe things related to Brigham Young
Beard, Utah, Carpenter, Zion, Colonizing, Governor

Happy Birthday!
Describe these spiritual gifts.
Healings, Visions, Tongues, Revelation, Knowledge, Interpretation of Tongues

In the Beginning
Describe things related to the Book of Genesis
Joseph, Rainbow, Melchizedek, Creation, Isaac, Cain

The Better Half
Describe these wives of prophets without saying her husband’s name
Rachel, Sarah-Abraham’s wife, Eve, Emma Smith, Rebeka, Sarah-Lehi’s wife

Ask the Doc
Describe these places revelations were given in the Doctrine and Covenants
Far West, MO; Manchester, NY; Nauvoo, IL; Kirtland, OH; Salt Lake City, UT;
Harmony, PA

Hail to the Prophet!
Describe these modern day prophets
Joseph F. Smith, John Taylor, Gordon B. Hinckley, Brigham, Young, Spencer W.
Kimball, Joseph Smith

Where are the Keys?
Describe these Priesthood holders who visited Joseph Smith to deliver the
keys of the Priesthood
James, Elijah, John, Moses, Peter, John the Baptist

There’s a Call on Line 2
Describe these offices and duties of the Melchizedek Priesthood
High Priest, Patriarch, Blessings, Elder, Apostle, The Seventy

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother
Describe these things related to the story of Nephi
Boat, Laman, Courageous, Laban, America, Gold Plates

Half a Dozen, Please!
Describe these Apostles of the New Testament
Luke, Peter, John the Beloved, James, Matthew, Paul

Oldies But Goodies
Describe these prophets of the Old Testament
Joshua, Isaiah, Moses, Samuel, Malachi, Abraham

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!
Describe these things related to the First Vision
Prayer, Restoration, 14 years old, Palmyra, Pillar of Light, Father and the

How ‘Bout a Pear?
Describe these things related to parables
The Lost Sheep, The Wheat and the Tares, The Prodigal Son, The Ten Virgins,
The UnMerciful Servant, The Talents

A Night to Remember
Describe things that were in Prophet’s dreams and visions
The Iron Rod, Angel Moroni, the Tree of Life, Wars, Jacob’s Ladder, the
Temple in Jerusalem
SPEED ROUNDS (use six per game)  These are things you  must list NOT
describe.  ie.  for Hymns you would start listing Hymns-Choose the Right;
Israel, Israel God is Calling; We Thank Thee, O God, For a Prophet; etc.

Things Helaman might say
Places where temples are located
Things Moses might say
Aaronic Priesthood Duties
Tribes of Israel
Things found in the Pearl of Great Price
Presidents of the Church
Things the Angel Moroni might say
Bishop’s Duties
Things found on Temple Square
Things Brigham Young might say
People in the Ward
Articles of Faith
Books from the Book of Mormon
Stories found in the Old Testament
What Jonah might say
What a missionary might say
Young Women Values
Members of the Ward Council