Are YOU the next American Idol?

“Are YOU the next American Idol?”
Here is a great skit share by Jechelle Secretan for a Standards Night. It is based on American Idol we called it “Are YOU the next American Idol?” I just took all the contestants names on the show and changed them to fit topics of the standards in For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. For example Ace Young was changed to Ace “I’m Too Young” and he talked about dating.  Taylor “Questionable Flicks” Hicks who talked about compromising when choosing what movies to see….etc…etc…. 

There were 10 or 12 different contestants and each one would explain their behavior and if it was good we had people who resembled Simon, Paula and Randy and each one of them would respond if it was a good choice or a “horrible choice.”  The script is written in true to form comments from all of them.
We also got the entire crowd involved by making the posters ahead of time and assigning sections of the crowd to scream and yell for the contestant they were assigned.

We even played the American Idol theme song each time a contestant came out and had the spotlights swirling around…lots of fun!

Just email me if you have any questions!

Jechelle Secretan

After Welcome and Opening…..We will turn down house lights…play the American Idol intro and pull back drapes….

Someone turn on stage spots and ceiling lights (flashing during intro)

SPOTLIGHTS…doing a “bally-hoo” (highly technical term..)

Ryan runs on stage and stands by microphone…

Ryan “Secrets”:  Welcome! To American Idol!  I am your host Ryan Secrets. This week on the show, I will be unveiling the “secret” to being a TRUE American Idol.

While the contestants are back stage getting ready for their performances, I will explain how this episode will work. First of all, you are sitting in sections that will be supporting one of the contestants.  We will give each section a poster and it is your job to “root” for that contestant as they perform.

Instead of our talented performers singing for us, they are going to tell us a little about their own personal standards.  They will be judged on the choices they have made so far in their lives.

The choices you teenagers have to make are sometimes really hard.  The temptations are at their greatest right now and it’s so important to have high standards to live by.  So…We hope this will give you some ideas of how, you too, can become one of America’s most sought after Idols by the standards you choose for yourself

Before we get started, we’ve got some business to do…

We’d like to first thank our generous sponsor providing the liquid refreshment for our judges. A round of applause, please, for our “For the Strength of Youth” provided by “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.”
(JUDGES RAISE YOUR GLASSES TO SHOW AUDIENCE) the cups are wrapped with color copies of the For the Strength of Youth pamphlets.

Thank You!!

Now to introduce our amazingly talented Judges…

First… MISTER Randy Jackson. born on June 23, 1956 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He is an American musician and record producer,. Working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, Mariah Carey, NSYNC, Céline Dion, Bruce Springsteen and Madonna.  As you can see…Jackson has been working hard on getting in shape and has lost QUITE A BIT of weight…and for some reason…his skin has also lightened a little…but he looks great and we’re  so glad he was able to make this trip here to Utah to join us! 

Now welcome Miss Paula Abdul  born June 19, 1962 She is an American dancer, choreographer, singer, and television personality. In the 1980s her career rose rapidly, from being a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers to being a sought-after choreographer at the height of the music video era, then to being a pop music singer with a string of top hits in the late 1980s and early 1990s….Welcome PAULA!

And now it will be our pleasure to introduce the KING OF CHARM…MR. SIMON “Scowl”..Oh I mean Cowell….

You know Cowell…it’s true what people say about you…Your ARE much smaller in person! 

SIMON:  This coming from someone of your stature?….Thank you Ryan.
(Make sure Simon has an English accent.)

RYAN: Well Anyway… Simon was born in Barnet, England, He thinks he is a talented artist and executive for BMG Records, in charge of finding the newest un-known talents worldwide.
But… Simon is best known for his kind and uplifting advice he gives week after week to our contestants which they really appreciate! They absolutely LOVE to HATE him and so do we!!  Welcome…Simon Cowell

And Now…It’s time to get things started with our competition…

(Contestants walk up stairs and on to stage, after your name is called…waving and sit down on chairs)

Spotlight following them on stage

Please welcome to the stage our Top 10 Contestants…Introducing………

Ace “I’m Too” Young
Bucky “I’m so Lucky” Covington
Chris “Naughty” Daughtry
Elliott “Jammin Yamin
Katharine Swear Free” McPhee”
Kellie “In a Pickle” Pickler
Kevin “Going to Heaven” Covais
Lisa “Tuck your Shirt In” Tucker
Paris “Bend the Truth” Bennett
Taylor “Questionable Flicks” Hicks

And now…Our First Contestant on stage to tell us a little about dating, 

We have Ace “I’m too” Young……….

Ace “I’m too” Young          Dating

 Hey What’s Up!! My name is Ace “I’m Too” Young from Denver, CO.

The best thing about being on American Idol is being recognized by so many HOT girls.  It’s going to be incredible turning 16 so I can start dating some of them.

Girls of all ages are already proposing to me.  But I know if I start hanging out or dating before I am 16 I might not be mature enough to make good decisions when I’m with them.

I think its going to be so cool to go out with a lot of different girls & hang out with the ones who have the same standards that I do.   I just hope that Paula will be able to keep her hands off me until then!

RANDY::  We got a HOT ONE in the house!  Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! 
ACE! ACE! Yo, bro! dat was da bomb!  Back when you auditioned, I knew you’d make it this far.  That’s one of the keys to this competttion.   STAND OUT from the start.  KNOW who you are and STICK by your standards.

PAULA::  (waving face w/hand)  You know, I’m one of your biggest fans.  I’m rooting for you.  And when I get to see you reach your own personal brilliance and greatness, I feel like a proud mom.  I can’t contain it, I BEEM!

When you DO begin dating go in groups.  Get all those fans together and have fun as a group.  Avoid the one on one stuff because you don’t want to break anyone’s heart with the serious stuff. 

SIMON::   Ace,You’ve got what we call the “IT” factor.  The looks, the talent, the high standards.  You’re the whole package. I can see you avoiding serious relationships and breezing through school.  I suggest that anyone who expects to compete against you would follow your example.

RYAN: So Ace, you must feel pretty good about being the first one on stage and getting such good reviews! Do you think you have what it takes to win?

ACE:  if I just keep to my whole standards thing..l think I have a good chance.

RYAN: Now Northfield Stake, here’s how the voting works…Wait until after the show ends and you can either call our toll free number 1-888-IDOLS and then the number of the contestant or “celestial wireless” Subscribers can text their vote by sending a msg that says vote and the number of your favorite contestant.

So if you want to vote for Ace dial 1-888-IDOLS-01 or text the word vote 01

 Let’s welcome to the stage now our smalltown country girl Kellie “in a pickle” Pickler.

 Kellie “In a Pickle” Pickler          Friends

I’m not really sure what it is about me but I always seem to be “in a pickle…” I think I’m going to make the right choices but I seems really easy for me to have a “blonde” moment.  It just seems easier to follow the crowd then to make up my own mind.

 I’m just a girl from a small town that’s here for the ride!  I can’t believe all the new stuff I’ve got to try.  SALmon, spinach salad,Calamari, new clothes, new eyelashes.  Everyone’s been so nice, I feel like I have tons of new friends.

 The guys out here are so suh-wheat!  They hug me ALL the time and are just sooo NICE!  We are all one big happy family sharing that house together.    I’m used to sharing my home with my grandpa and my dogs.  It’s much more fun living with these guys.  It’s like a giant slumber party all the time! I can’t imagine life any better than this. What could ever go wrong here?

RANDY::  I don’t know man, that was not good for me. Not good.   I love you Kellie, but I didn’t love this performance.  You’re a sweet girl, but I don’t think you’re ready for this.  If you put yourself in situations that you aren’t prepared for, you’re going to get hurt.  There are people out there that can easily lead you toward happiness OR heartache.  Make sure you make friends with the right ones.  We don’t want to see you on the show, “Where are they now?”  y’know what I’m saying.

 PAULA::  Kellie, what can I say?  I’m a big fan!  You’re adorable, you’re smiles infectious and I enjoy your stage presence. BUT, tonight I didn’t see the Kellie I know and love.  When you let other people make choices for you bad or good, you lose control of who YOU are.  Just like Randy said, you’ll end up getting hurt because you weren’t prepared.  You need to be prepared for every stage of your life, whether it’s performing for millions of viewers on tv or friends at a party.  Don’t lower your standards to be accepted.  You’re better than that.

 SIMON::  Kellie,  I’m sorry to say you didn’t make a connection tonight.  You seemed out of your element and I wasn’t interested.  It was like watching a little puppet on a string, just doing what her master wants her to do.  You need to find out who YOU are and what YOU believe before next week.  None of this wishy washy decision making.  (throw arms)  Don’t follow the crowd.  JUST BE YOURSELF!

Kellie: I’m SOORRRRY!! ( in a strong southern drawl)
RYAN: Kellie, people say that this is all just an act…Is this what you are really about?
Kellie: Yup! This is the real me….just Kellie Pickler from North Carolina!

Remember to vote for Kellie by calling 888-IDOLS-06 OR TEXT VOTE 06

Next up we have Bucky “I’m so Lucky” Covington    talking to us about                            Gratitude

Bucky “I’m so Lucky” Covington            Gratitude

Using a southern drawl

Howdy Ya’all! I’m Bucky “I’m so lucky” Covington. Back in my hometown of Rockingham North Carolina.  I’m considered a STAR already!  Isn’t that awesome? 

 Ya know! I used to practice my singing’ while workin’ out on the farm.  I knew I must have been good back then cuz all the neighborhood dogs would howl along.  I knew I had been blessed with a great talent cuz we all know a country boy like me has no business being in Hollywood.  I make sure to let the Good Lord know how grateful I am that He has given me so many talents. 

 Even if I don’t end up being the next American Idol, I will always be grateful for the the journey I’ve had so far.  I’m as happy as a bug in a rug to have made it this far in the competition… My heart is full of gratitude for all the support from my family and friends and hope I’ve done them all proud!!

RANDY::  How you doin’ tonight dawg?  I have to say, “I’m surprised, but very impressed”  in this business I’ve worked with a lot of stars.  Mariah, Madonna, Beyonce…  But you got something they don’t have. Gratitude!  Being grateful for what you have is the highest achievement you can attain in this business.  you rock dude!

PAULA::  Bucky!  You know I’m a big fan!  You know WHO you are, WHERE you come from and where you are GOING and most importantly what you HAVE!  I love that about you.    You’re just a down home, country grown good ol boy that understands the importance of being thankful.  You have a huge fan base and you’re making them proud tonight.

SIMON::  The object of this competition is not to be mean to the losers, but to find a winner.  In watching you tonight, I don’t see you as the stand out winner, but I DO see a work in progress.  I absolutely LOATHE ungrateful people, so you’re OK in my book.  Well done.

RYAN:Bucky! I had no idea you had such a big heart…unlike Simon over there who was obviously born without one…Anyway…way to go Bucky!

If you’d like to vote for Bucky dial 1-888-IDOLS-02 or text the word vote 02.

Up next, one of our girl contestants…Miss Katharine “Swear Free” McPhee.

Katharine “Swear-Free” McPhee   Language

 I’m Katharine McPhee but my friends like to call me “Swear-Free” McPhee.  Growing up in Los Angeles. I’m surrounded by people with very “colorful” language.  When I’m at school or just hangin out with friends.  I hear all kinds of inappropriate conversations, or at least I USED too.

 When I was younger, I started telling my friends how offensive it was to hear them use bad language.  Even if they were just joking around. It was really scary to let them know how I felt, but the word got around and THAT’S how I got my nickname.  Swear-free mcphee at your service. 

 Now my friends watch their language around me and ask OTHER people to do the same.  People even avoid gossiping and telling bad jokes around me.  It was really easier than I thought.

 I think that’s what being an American Idol is…someone with high standards that is an example and influence for good.  Even when it may not be the popular thing to do.

 RANDY::  Another hot one in the house tonight!!!! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!  Give it up for swear free mcphee!  Dis girls got it goin’ on!  HEY Dawg Pound dis  girl is HOT! HOT! HOT!

 PAULA:: Oh, I’m such a big fan! I could tell when you walked on stage you were going to have a good performance.  By the way you carried yourself, I knew it would be good.  You are proud of who you are even if that means being a little different.  People think it’s hard to make the right choices all the time, but you’ve just proved them wrong.  You knew coming into this competition whether or not you would be true to who you are and that made  your choices easy.  Bravo, bravo.  (make sure Paula claps with flat open palmed hands )

SIMON::  For ONCE I’m in COMPLETE agreement with these two.  I have to say, I think this was your best performance yet!  Your choices and example are just what this competition needs. You’ve shown all of us what it takes to truly be a STAR!! ABSOOOLUTELY LLLOOVED IT!

RYAN: That was quite the compliment! I guess it does make a big difference with what choices you make.  Congratulations! On a great performance tonight!

Remember to vote for your favorite idol.  If that happens to be Katharine “swear-free” McPhee dial 888-IDOLS-05

Next welcome to the stage Chris “Naughty” Daughtry. He’s going to tell us a little about repentance.

Chris “Naughty” Daughtry           Repentance

 Hey Dudes!! What’s shakin’! My names Chris “Naughty” Daughtry.  If I look like a might be a little hard core-Well…I used to be.  I’ve done some pretty naughty things in my life. I never really cared too much about anyone or anything.

 I thought standards were just for boring people who didn’t enjoy life.  After years of  being miserable, I realized I wasn’t enjoying life at all.  My daily choices were taking me AWAY from what I love to do instead of towards it.

I thought my dream of singing lead, in a band was over, but then I learned about repentance.  IT ROCKS!  It’s been really hard and embarrassing to get back on the right road, but I’m glad I did.  I’m not proud of the choices I made years ago, but I’m proud to be able to stand here today. 

 RANDY::   Waz up DAWG?  Y’know, y’know, you workin’ it out.  the miracle of forgiveness is the REAL DEAL and so is dis guy!  Whoo!, whoo!, whoo!. That’s what I love about this show.  We all get emotionally invested and root for the underdog.  I’m tellin’ ya America, stay tuned, week after week this guys gonna mature, improve and make his way to the finals.

 PAULA::  Chris, I am a huge fan, but this shows how important your choices and standards are.  I think you are better than the choices you’ve been making, you just need to believe that yourself.  You’ve had a rough road to this point, but it WILL get better. I have FAITH in you.  Now you just need to reach inside and believe in YOURSELF.

 SIMON::  That was downright PAINFUL to hear.  BUT, any of this lot could be standing right where you are now.  Depending on their choices.  Not everybody is perfect and I don’t think we should be looking for “perfect people”.  Just contestants who will try their hardest and obey the rules.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask. (hands up in air)

 RYAN: Wow Chris! I think the judges were surprised by that.  How did you feel about what they said?

Chris: I am really stoked!! I think if I just take their advice…I’ll be able to really do well!

RYAN:  If you want to vote for Chris dial 1-888-IDOLS-03 or text the word
vote 03

Next up is one of the youngest in our competition Miss Paris
”Bend the Truth” Bennett. Talking about Honesty.

Paris “Bend  the Truth” Bennett        Honesty

 I don’t see a problem with “bending the truth” once in awhile.  After all it isn’t hurting anyone.  A little white lie here and there doesn’t really matter. 

 Sometimes I get so busy rehearsing that I don’t have time to do all my school work.  I just copy the answers from someone in my class.  When it comes time to take tests, I just make myself a cheat sheet or my really good friends just text me the answers.  My teachers never know the difference so nobody really cares!

It’s not lying, it’s just getting a little help from my friends. 

Besides who needs to worry about school  when your as talented as me?  Everyone in Hollywood says and does things that aren’t honest. I’m just getting an early start.

 RANDY::  So check it out, check it out…it just didn’t impress me tonight girl.  It is our job to judge you from the moment you walk in. Your appearance, your confidence AND your choices.  But what I think you need to remember is YOU need to be aware of your actions, words and choices even when you aren’t on stage.  What you do and say off stage carries onto the stage and I’m noticing you change for the worse throughout this competition.  You never know who’s WATCHING you.  Not necessarily “judging” you, but watching you.  Pay attention.

 PAULA::  I’ve loved you from the start, I’m a big fan!  BUT–I keep hearing different stories and I don’t know what to believe  My friends and I trust each other with our lives.  Unfortunately,  I don’t see that you have that in you.  Sorry baby, but talent isn’t everything.  You need to learn to respect, love and trust those around you and they need to be able to do the same.  I understand you are young, but this is something you really need to work on. 

 SIMON::  Amazingly I’m in agreement with the Bobsey twins over here.  Paris, we all know you are talented, giddy and fun, fun, fun but let’s face it… don’t have what it takes.  Frankly, you bore me.  Being the American Idol means being respected by millions of viewers.  You need to prove yourself everyday in your actions, thoughts, and words or you’ll lose your fans respect and it’s buh-bye to Paris.

RYAN: Hey there Paris! Looks like things turned for the worse here.  Do you think you can take that constructive criticism to heart?

Paris: Well I’m sure going to try and do better with my choices for next week!

RYAN: I think you’ll do just fine.  If you want to vote for Paris dial 1-888-IDOLS-09  or text the word vote 09 if you are a  “celestial wireless” subscriber 

Please welcome to the stage from Birmingham Alabama Taylor “Questionable Flicks” Hicks

Taylor “Questionable Flicks” Hicks  Entertainment & Media

 Hey I’m Taylor Hicks…”WOO”  (playing the harmonica badly and throws head back to the side…)

 So people tell me I’m too gray form my age, but I’ve learned to use that to my advantage…See when I want to go check out a flick that might be on the “questionable” side.  No one ever things I’m too young.  It makes it easy for me to see shows I shouldn’t.

 I don’t see what the big deal is about watching “R” rated movies anyway.  Most of the time it’s just about violence and maybe some bad language.  And it’s usually about history anyway, so why is that so bad?  You all know it’s safe to see the PG 13 movies.  They hardly ever show things they shouldn’t.  Don’t worry if you heard the show a little on the edge, if it’s PG 13 you go right ahead and watch it…it’ll be fine.

 RANDY::  Okay so check it out….I wasn’t all that impressed with your performance tonight. It was a little “pitchy.” I’ve seen you make better choices before…You should bring your best to the table every single week and not be afraid to have people you respect ,hang out wit chew..whatever it is your doing…

For me….tonight it was only aaiiigght!

 PAULA::  Taylor, Taylor, Taylor…I’m usually a big fan of yours, I’ve loved your uniqueness, and your love to perform.  But I didn’t think your choices tonight were at the level you usually are. Even though we are all entertainers I think it is really important to make good choices with what you let yourself be entertained with.  Your movies, music and even computers… I have to say I was really disappointed.

 SIMON::  DISAPPOINTED??? Are you kidding?  That was GHASTLY!! The things you do should be uplifting and that was downright AWFUL!! I thought that performance was your worst yet.  This is American Idol, not some show you can just make poor choices on and expect to win.  Sorry Taylor…it was NOT for me!

RYAN: Taylor, would you consider changing the color of your hair?

Taylor: OH no way Man!  It’s my trademark!  Woo!

RYAN: Maybe that would help you get rid of some of those  temptations!

          Well anyway…if Taylor’s your man…make sure and vote for him
          @  888-IDOLS-10.

Please welcome now to the stage Lisa “Tuck your shirt in” Tucker here to give us her ideas about dress and appearance.

Lisa “Tuck Your Shirt In” Tucker    Dress & Appearance

 Hi there, I’m Lisa Tucker.  Being one of the youngest contestants on American Idol has definitely been a challenge for me.  I mean, I like to dress like a fun loving teenager, but when I sing a really dramatic song, it’s fun to wear a more mature outfit to dress the part.

It’s been really cool to have all these clothes to choose from every week.  The stylists are soooo cool and way hip.  They know what’s sheek and what’s geek!

 At home I have to wear clothes my MOM approves of.  That’s not a bad thing, it’s just fun to be myself and dress how I want.  I think it’s ok to show my stomach a little.  It’s not like I’m going to do it everyday, it’s just fun every now and again.  I don’t mind them giving me the shorter skirts either, it makes me feel so mature! I won’t wear them at home, but they’re fun to dance around in here. 

 I think the American Idol should be a fashion trend setter.  So many people look to them for ideas and stuff, it’s an important part of the title.

RANDY::  Dude…, Lisa.  Not impressed, girl.  You’ve got amazing talent but it’s hidden behind all the fashion stuff.  Girl, this is the DAWG talking’  You NEVER get a second CHANCE to make a FIRST IMPRESSION.  First impressions, LAST!  If any of you are taking this competition seriously, you have to remember appearance is key.  A picture tells a thousand words and believe me, there will be tons of pictures of you out there.  What impression are you giving people?

 PAULA::  First off Lisa, (point fingers at herself)  BIG FAN! But, I have to agree with Randy completely!  Don’t dress to get attention or approval from others.  You can still stand out from the crowd wearing trendy, yet modest clothing.  YOU dress appropriately and people WILL focus on your talents.  This is your chance to be a good example and bring out the best in you and those around you.

 SIMON:: Completely appalling! No respect at all.  It’s safe to say, you packed your bags with that performance!  Immodest clothing or not, it’s going home. UNLESS,  (hold one finger up)  you realize the importance of this matter.  This is not a competition to show off.  You have an incredible talent that is worthy of being shared with all of these people, just not the way you are selling it.  Change the packaging and I’ll pay attention. OFF YOU GO!

RYAN: THAT was a little harsh Lisa, do you agree with what they are saying?

Lisa: I had no idea that dressing that way would be such a big deal…guess I               better rethink my wardrobe!

RYAN: Good Idea!  If you’d like to vote for Lisa dial 888-IDOLS 08.
 that’s idols 08.

And Now…Elliot “Jammin” Yamin… talking to us about Music

 Elliott “Jammin” Yamin                    Music

 Doin air guitar   (dear, near,near,near)

I’m Elliott “Jammin” Yamin. My whole life has been all about music.  That’s why I am here on American Idol…Once I win,  I’m going to start spreading the word about how music can affect your life…

 I used to listen to everything even if the lyrics were bad, because I’d just tune them out. One day I was in a store and they were playing a song I jam to a lot.  It was instrumental, so it didn’t have the words, y’know.  As I was walking around I realized I was singing along to the song that I didn’t think I knew the lyrics too.   That’s when I clued in, even if I try not to listen to the lyrics they still, like, seep into my brain. 

 Now I just listen to music that gives me a positive vibe.  Y’know makes me want to be a better person and do good things.

 RANDY::  So listen up, dude. Listen up.  It wasn’t my FAVORITE performance from you, but I’m glad to see your doin’ your thing.  You have what it takes, you just need to bring your game WEEK after WEEK.   This is GAME TIME, dawg!  Find the music that works for you and bring it home!  Aaight!

 PAULA::  Elliott, I’m a BIG FAN!  Music can lift people up or bring people down.  It gets into our souls and effects our emotions.  I am so proud of you tonight.  You had the opportunity to make a choice and you did it.  You are maturing throughout this competition and I see that.  Your song choice was perfect and I loved how you made it your own.  I can’t wait to see what you share with us next week.

SIMON::  Music today is COMPLETELY and utterly HOPELESS.  It gets worse every year.  I am proud to see a young man as yourself staying true to who you are and not conforming to “what’s popular”.    You know what works for you and I loved the positive influence you are on the other contestants.  Your song judgement was brilliant!

RYAN: Elliot, my man, you’re pretty confident you can win?

Elliot: I hope so! I’ve gotta spread the word!

RYAN: Sounds like the judges were impressed with your choices.   GOOD JOB MAN!

Vote for our  “Jammin” Mr. Yamin at  888-IDOLS-04 that’s’ 888-idols-04

Up next. Kevin “Going to Heaven” Covais.

Kevin “Going to Heaven” Covais          Service to Others

I think people find me so adorable because of my baby face. But I also think they like me because of the the nice things I do. 

 People say I remind them of ‘Chicken Little” But I know the service I give to others isn’t a little thing!  Those little old ladies I help across the street are so grateful for my willingness to go out of my way to be of service to them.  I try to help whenever I can…

I don’t know if my chances of being an American Idol are very good, but that’s okay.  I know in my heart that I am an Idol to so many people and I will for SURE have a place in heaven.

I think that’s what this opportunity here is all about.  I’m trying new things, learning about myself and making myself more “visible” (shake eyeglasses) to be able to serve others when I can.

 RANDY::  You may be little, but you are DA BOMB!  HEY dog pound!  Woof! Woof!  Woof!  Kevin you da MAN!  In Hollywood we make things tough to weed out the people who haven’t got IT!  You’ve got it!  This is a tough gig, but you seem to be sailing through week after week because you are focused on helping others instead of focusing on just you.  Yeah!

  PAULA::  I’m a BIG fan Kevin, a big fan!  It’s hard to articulate but there is something magical about your presence.  You have a glow about you.  I don’t know what it is, but I love being around you.  You are the sun in everyone’s world.  That’s it, you are a walking ray of sunshine!  That we all want a piece of!  You’ve turned this into a real competition by bringing out the best in everyone.  I adore you and your gernerosity!

SIMON::  Hello Kevin. Now I know why you appeal to and “older generation.” I know I’ve been hard on you in the past but I’m pleasantly surprised this evening.  You came out here and gave it your all and I respect that.  Some people may not live according to your plan, but you don’t judge them, you serve them.  You actually seek out opportunities to HELP people.  I don’t know why, but this REALLY impresses me.  I think there’s more behind that pair of glasses than meets the eye.

RYAN: So you appeal to Simon’s “generation” huh? I think you appeal to all ages. How bout that…us little guys do get noticed… RIGHT SIMON??  Nice Job Kevin!

You can vote for our own “Chicken Little” @ 888-idols-07 or “celestial wireless” subscribers send a text msg. With the word vote 07

What a great way to end our competition tonight!!  Let’s give all of our contestants a big round of applause…

Northfield Stake it is now up to you to vote for your favorite Idol. The phone lines will be open as soon as the show ends.  

Now the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  Here to reveal the secret of being a true American Idol is the Producer of our Show DAVID MILES!!

Pres. Miles: . Well, The votes are coming in . . . but the jury is still out. 

Each youth determines their own destiny.  If they have made a mistake they have the power to change their standards and shape their destiny. 

In this life, that sometimes we mistake for a competition, our Heavenly Father has shaped a plan where we all can be winners.  THAT IS THE SECRET!

 Regardless who the American Idol is at the end of the season, at the end of each of our lives each of us get to stand before our Heavenly Father and account for the choices we’ve made and the standards we’ve kept . We can all be the winner! 

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I’m Ryan Secrets…Good night everybody!