(I am going to mingle simple answers with hard answers)

Questions are broken down in the following categories:



Book of Mormon

Church history
Odds and ends

Each team is given an empty Standard ( Pole to attach the banners or strips of colored cloth to)

For each successful answer you get a colored banner matching the category. When the 1st team or person collects all colors, everyone else gets to choose the category that team or person has to answer correctly if they are to win. If that person doesn’t answer correctly the 1st time the play continues as before around the teams, each time the team with all colors has to answer the category chosen for him. The game ends when a correct answer is given.


Who is “him” in “it’s plain to see I want to be like him in every way”?

Where would you find the book of Alma?
The book of Mormon

What hymn did Francis Scott Key write?
The Star Spangled Banner

What Tabernacle choir album was a tribute to Walt Disney?
When you wish upon a star

  1. What was the original title of the song, “Come, come ye saints”?

                       All is well

What full-length movie produced by David Carter and distributed nationally began as a family home evening project?
Moonlight Express

Which prophet accompanied on his piano for his daughter, who played the violin?
Harold B. Lee

What song did John Taylor sing to Joseph Smith just prior to the martyrdom?
A poor wayfaring man of grief

In Saturday’s Warrior, what extends beyond the reach of time?
The circle of our love

What did President Kimball say we should write in daily?
A journal

Jacob taught that the world would be destroyed by __________?

What four books are known as the Gospels?
Mathew, Mark, Luke and John

But before ye seek for riches, seek ye _______________________
For the kingdom of God.

14. Which Article of Faith speaks about the law of the land?


15. Do unto others, as you would have others_______________?

                        Do unto you

      16. What is the last word in the Old Testament?


  1. Which 2 books in the Book of Mormon were written directly by Mormon?

                    The words of Mormon and the Book of Mormon

  1. When we are sick the priesthood holders__________to us.


  1. In what book of the bible can we find the story of Job?


  1. What is the 9th book in the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Alma

  1. What kind of dance did the pioneers do around the campfires?

Square dance


  1. How many days did Jesus fast in the desert?


  1. Which is the only Gospel that mentions Jesus turning water into wine?


  1. What three insects did the Lord send to plague the Egyptians?

                    Lice, flies, and locusts

  1. Which four Gospels begin with the letter L?


  1. After Christ was resurrected, did he have a real body that a person could feel?


  1. What tribe of Israel has retained its identity throughout the centuries?


  1. Where was Jesus laid when he was born?

In a manger

  1. What son was born to Adam and Eve after Abel was killed?


  1. Who is the first comforter?

Holy Ghost

  1. Name four of Jesus’ original 12 apostles

Matthew, Peter, James, John, Judas, Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Simon, James, Judas (Leabaeus)

  1. What happened to Saul when the Lord confronted him?

He was blinded

  1. What king of Israel is remembered for his great wisdom and for building a beautiful temple?


  1. In my fathers house are many ___________?


  1. Into which lineage was King David born?


  1. What does the word Gospel mean?

Good news

  1. How many times hotter than usual was the fiery furnace made for Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego?


  1. In what book van you read about the resurrected Christ appearing to 500 people at once?

1 Corinthians

  1. Where did Jesus go after he let the upper room on the night of his betrayal?


  1. Which was the first Egyptian plague that Pharaoh’s magicians couldn’t copy?


  1. What is the 10th of the Ten Commandments?

Thou shalt not covet

Book of Mormon

  1. What did the people accuse Nephi, son of Helaman, of after he prophesied that the

       wicked judge had killed his brother?

They accused him of committing the murder

  1. Were there horses in America when the Nephites got here?


  1. What do Hagoth, Nephi, and Noah have in common?

They all built ships

  1. What is the last word in the Book of Mormon?


  1. What 15-year-old boy was made a leader of the Nephite Army?


  1. What is an enemy to God?

The natural man

  1. What group of people buried their wepons and refused to ever fight again?

The Anti-Nephi-Lehies

  1. Who put marks on their foreheads?


  1. What Book of Mormon prophet did his father’s prayer save?

Alma the younger

  1. How many chapters are in Jacob?


  1. Who was Alma’s missionary companion?


  1. Who met at the 1st missionary reunion of the Book of Mormon?

Alma, ammon, Aaron, Omner, and Himni (or Alma and the sons of Mosiah)

  1. Who were the most righteous people during the time of Samuel the Lamanite?


  1. At the time of what event did the Jardites leave for America?

The Tower of Babel (confusion of tongues)

  1. What people did Mosiah encounter living in the land of Zarahelma?

The Mulekites

  1. Who was the 1st leader of the Jaradites?


  1. Who was younger-Nehpi or Sam?


  1. How many people did Amalickiah kill in his effort to become king?


  1. What was described as two stones in the Book of Mormon?

The urim and thummim

  1. Who was the anti-Christ that confronted Jacob?


Church History

  1. The pioneers ate the bulb of what flower to keep from starving?

Sego lily

  1. Who said… “I teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves”?

Joseph Smith

  1. What did the pioneers find unique about swimming in the Great Salt Lake?

You float

  1. What was the most prominent landmark along the pioneer trail?

Chimney Rock

  1. What book was hidden in a barrel of beans?

The Book of Mormon (Gold plates)

  1. What was once known as “The Golden Bible?

The Book of Mormon

  1. Why did pioneers leave strong men behind at rivers?

To help those who followed to cross the rivers

  1. On what was the Book of Mormon written originally?

Gold plates

  1. Before Joseph saw the gold plates, how many times did Moroni visit him?


  1. What LDS temple did Moses, Elijah, and Elias visit in these latter days?

The Kirtland Temple

  1. Who was the 6th president of the church?

Joseph F. Smith

  1. Why did Mormon pioneers blast, “Hole in the Rock” at Lake Powell?

To enable them to lower their wagons done the cliff

  1. Who was president of the USA when Joseph Smith and Judge Higbee went to Washington D.C.?

Martin Van Buren

  1. Who was President of the church after Joseph F. Smith?

Heber J. Grant

  1. Who was the 1st President of the Relief Society?

Emma Smith

  1. What prophet’s life has been studied the most?

Joseph Smith

  1. Was Woodrow Wilson ever president of the church?


  1. What president of the church was a Methodist preacher before his conversion: Joseph F. Smith, Lorenzo Snow, John Taylor?

John Taylor

  1. Did Joseph Smiths father ever join the church?


  1. Who was the 4th president of the church?

Wilford Woodruff

Odds and Ends
1.        What is another name for Sunday?


  1. What is the authority to act in Jesus’ name called?

The priesthood

  1. What is the Boy Scouts motto?

Be prepared

  1. What is the Brother of Jared’s real name?

Mahonri Moriancumer

  1. Who is Noah also known as?

The angle Gabriel

  1. How many church presidents’ first names began with the letter J?


  1. In what city is the Seattle Temple actually located?

Bellevue Washington

  1. Where would you find the book of Galatians?

New Testament

  1. In which of the standard works are the Articles of Faith?

Pearl of Great Price

  1. Which wicked Book of Mormon character shares the same name with a righteous Old Testament character?


  1. What was the box made of that contained the golden plates?


  1. Where can you find the book of Abraham?

The Pearl of Great Price

  1. What is the main promise given for living the Word of Wisdom?

Run and not be weary – walk and not faint

  1. What is a famous pioneer supper?

Bread and Milk

  1. Which arm is raised to the square by the priesthood holder performing a baptism?

The right arm

  1. For behold this is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and ___________ of man.

Eternal Life

  1. Did Cain act alone in killing Abel or was it a conspiracy?

Conspiracy with Satan

  1. How many wives did Harold B. Lee have?


  1. Which of the Articles of Faith mentions 2 of the standard works?


  1. Who said, … “what you think of Christ will determine in large measure what you are”?

David O. McKay

Where is electricity mentioned in the Bible? (Think about it)

a.)    When the Philistines turned on the Israelites (lights)

Why was Adam’s first day his longest? (think about it)

a.)    There was no Eve

Where is flying mentioned in the Bible? (think about it)

a.)    Mary’s and Joseph’s “flight into Egypt and Pontius the Pilate (pilot)

Who was the straightest man in the scriptures? (think about it)

            Joseph, Pharaoh made a “ruler” out of him

How do we know that King Noah couldn’t draw a straight line? (think about it)

                       Because he was a crooked ruler

What man had no father ( think about it)

          Joshua, he was the son of Nun (none)

  1. Personalities
  2. Which Church President made the 1st voice recording?

Wilford Woodruff

  1. The people of Ammon were also called______________?


  1. What professional sport did Paul H. Dunn play before he became a general authority?


  1. Where was Joseph Smith’s mother during his leg operation?

Outside the huse and across a field

  1. My name is the same as my father. He established churches on the American Continent. I was converted after seeing an angel. Who am I?


  1. Who was the 1st president of the church to not wear a beard?

Joseph Smith

  1. Which president of the church was bitten by a mad dog as a child?

Wilford Woodruff

  1. Who was the last Church President to wear a beard?

George A, Smith

  1. Who was the tallest church president?

David O. McKay

  1. Who was the leader and prophet of Israel after Moses?


  1. Who did the Jews choose to release instead of Jesus?


  1. What brand of root beer did J. Willard Mariott make famous?

A&W Rootbeer

  1. What was the Roman Empire at the time of Christ called?


  1. Was Korihor wicked or righteous?


  1. To whom did Esau sell his birthright?


  1. What Mormon author wrote a series of 6 humor “notebooks” because she thinks Mormons need to laugh?

Carol Lynn Pearson

  1. Because of an influenza epidemic, no public funeral was held for which church president?

Joseph F. Smith

  1. Which M*A*S*H star appeared in a filmstrip about home teaching?

Mike Farrell

  1. Who was Apostle George Q. Cannon’s well-known uncle?

President John Taylor

  1. Who is called the ancient of days?