Survivor Activity


Teams get different color bandanas to wear.

Teams decorate a flag with team name on it.

Games- keep track of scores on large dry erase board

1. Get a huge bowl of jell o with gummy fish in it. You would have to get the fish out using your feet.

2. Have a big bowl of cooked spaghetti and have teams transfer the spaghetti to another bowl across the room their hands

3. Have a large puzzle for the team to put together- large tiles could be used for the puzzle pieces.

4. Dart board activity– use suction cup darts

5. Obstacle course

6. Spit gum balls into a hula hoop place on the six or more feet away. Teams would have 1 min to spit as many gum balls as they can into the center of the hula hoop- one point per gum ball that gets into the hoop.

7. Spread a bunch of fake plastic bugs onto the floor and have teams pick them up with there mouth and place them in a container of the other side of the gym. One point per insect.

8. Have bags with numbers on them, two- three people per team pick a bag and eat or drink whatever is in it. 10 lrg. marshmallows, drink unsweetened lemon aid, Harry Potter jelly beans (burger flavor) jalape*o pepper. handful of sour balls. shelled peanuts, can of tuna fish, cup of peanut butter, cup of tomato juice with chunks of tomato beef jerky. Everyone has 30 seconds to eat whatever is in their bag. I point per item completely gone.

9. Question and Answer. Ask trivia questions and let teams debate what the correct answer is. Who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars?

10. Tug of war between teams

11. One team member per team stands on a child*s sand bucket. Who ever stays on it the longest gets 5 points.

Add up points, team with the most wins. Prizes could be bags with toy cars and chocolate coins in them.

Melissa Sedrick