Water Activities


We have played water balloon volleyball and also water baseball – with our family and for combined YW & YM activities and we all enjoyed both of them.

For Volleyball, you fill up medium sized balloons with water (you’ll need 30-40) and a volleyball net and have the kids bring an old towel from home.  Just like volleyball you have two teams, but the kids pair up two to a towel and try to catch the water-filled balloon with the towel and toss it back over the volleyball net to the other team.  It takes them a few tries to co-ordinate their efforts as they have to learn to flip the towel together or the balloon goes skewampus . . . everyone gets wet, of course, when they don’t catch a balloon.

For water baseball, you will need:
a spongey Nerf type baseball
Plastic bat
We used small children’s swimming pools filled with water for the bases and had a slip ‘n slide in between 3rd base and home . . . and they had to slide in home . . .The pitcher has a bucket of water, that she dips the spongey baseball into and pitches it.  When it is hit, water sprays all over and of course, everyone gets wet at each base.  It is tons of fun!

This is how we play it.  1st base is a kiddie pool.  The base runner has to actually sit in the pool to be safe.  2nd base is a chair.  Next to the chair is a bucket of water balloons.  To be safe, you have to put a water balloon on the chair, sit on it, and pop it.  3rd base is a bucket of water. You have to have one foot in the bucket at all times to be safe.  We use a water slide to get to home plate.  You have to slide the whole length of the slide to be safe.  Our youth love this game. Melanie