Black knit gloves (Poem to go with gloves)

Here’s another idea for an inexpensive Christmas gift:

Give this poem with a pair of black knit gloves (Walmart – a dollar or two)

Doers and Dreamers

The woman who slouched in the front seat of the bus distressed me. Her

hair was matted, her face dirty, and though it was a cold night

outside, she was wearing only a flimsy cotton dress and a blanket

through which she had torn holes for her arms.

What should I do? I wondered. She was so obviously in need. And at

Christmas time, too. Wasn’t there some shelter I could direct her to,

some place where she’d get all the attention she required? No, I

finally reasoned, her problems were too much for me.

As I pondered – and rejected – possible solutions to the woman’s

plight, the bus came to a stop.

A young man, poorly dressed but neat, rose to leave. He had got out and

the bus had started up again before I really noticed what he had done.

He had slipped off his black knit gloves and laid them on her lap.

John R. Sisley, Jr.