Kit Kat Bar Wrapper (or any bar)
Kit Kat Bar Wrapper (or any bar)

Kit Kat Bar Wrapper (or any bar)

Kit Kat Bar Wrapper


kk wrapper




5oz kit kat bar

12 x 12 scrapbook paper


Double sides tape (or like adhesive)















Cut your paper in to 6×6 pieces, that is just cut it in half one way and then cut it in a half again, lay the Kit Kat in the center of the backside of the paper.





Run tape along all 4 edges of the paper.


Place bar in middle of paper

kk_stuff_6Pull up one side and wrap the candy bar half way up. This is why you tape all the way around.


Bring up the other side, and finish wrapping the bar.





Squeeze each open end closed (again this is why you use tape all the way around)



Put each end in the crimper and crimp till it touches the candy bar.












Now add a bow, or a sticker or wrap another small piece of paper around it……… the ideas are endless.

Can you use another candy bar, sure…. anything will work, but the Kit Kat works out the best, because of the size.

But as you can see from the picture below I used a herserys bar and only sealed one end, it was like a pocket.

candy bar wrapper

Birthday bar

basket of bars