STOCKING STUMPERS (answers at bottom of of page)

1. How do sheep in Mexico say Merry Christmas?

2. Why was Santa’s helper down in the dumps?

3. Why does Scrooge love Rudolph?

4. Where do polar bears vote?

5. What do you get when you cross an archer with a Christmas gift-wrapper?

6. What did Santa shout to his toys on Christmas Eve?

7. According to their hit song, what’s always number one on Alvin the Chipmunk’s Christmas list?

8. Everyone knows Rudolph comes in handy if it’s foggy Christmas Eve, but what would we be flying over if it was a voggy Christmas Eve?

9. Who wrote Christmas Bells?

10. Can you name the holiday hit Bobby Helms is famous for?

11. Why did the elf put his bed into the fireplace?

12. How would you fire Santa?

13. What did one of Santa’s elves put on the Internet?

14. What do they eat for breakfast at the North Pole?

15. What nationality is Santa?

16. What kind of motorcycle does Santa drive?

17. What does Santa call his fishing rod?

18. It is midnight. Santa is making his rounds and appears to be a little behind schedule. As his sled flies over London he looks down at Big Ben and notices that the big hand is on the 5 and the little is on the 2. What time is it?

19. You’ve probably been hitting the old ATM pretty heavily over the holidays but where would you be if you used the southernmost ATM in the world?

20. If Santa flew high over the world’s tallest pyramid, what famous city would be in view?

21. If you’re attending the lighting of the Christmas tree on the Ellipse, what city are you in?

22. If you really can’t wait for Christmas to come, what major nation is the first to celebrate Christmas every year?

23. You know Christmas is the season of peace, but do you know the origin of the familiar peace sign which became so popular in the 60’s?

24. Over which country does a goat named Ukko help out Santa’s reindeer?

25. What electrifying “first” was installed by Edward H. Johnson in his New York City home in December, 1882? (Hint: Johnson was an associate of Thomas Edison)

26. Since I always keep Rudolph in the lead, how many different ways are there to arrange my other 8 reindeer?
27. What’s the only Christmas decoration ever banned by the government?

28. In Switzerland, what do they call Santa’s wife?
(A) Gerda, (B) Lucy, (C) Tanta Kringle, (D) Frau Christenklinger

29. In what country would you find Swagman at Christmas?

30. If you were to celebrate an authentic Victorian Christmas, when would you set up and take down the tree?


1) Fleece Navidad
2) Because he had low elf esteem
3) Because every buck is dear to him
4) At the North Poll
5) Ribbon Hood
6) “All right everyone, it’s sack time!”
7) A hoola-hoop
8) A volcano . . The hazy weather condition caused by volcanic gases is called “vog”.
9) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
10) Jingle Bell Rock
11) He wanted to sleep like a log
12) Give him the sack
13) A gnome page
14) Snowflakes
15) North Polish
16) A Holly Davidson
17) The North Pole
18) As stated, it is midnight. There must be something wrong with the clock.
19) McMurdo Station in Antarctica . . Although there aren’t that many people who stay there year ’round, once in a while everybody needs some cold cash!
20) San Francisco . . . The Transamerica Pyramid office building is located downtown.
21) Washington, DC
22) New Zealand . . . It lies just west of the International Date Line so it’s where Christmas officially begins.
23) The circle with the upside-down Y shape inside was devised by British pacifists who combined the semaphore symbols for “N” and “D” which stood for nuclear disarmament.
24) Finland . . .Actually, Ukko takes over altogether and gives the reindeer a little break on their round-the-world trek. You might say the reindeer are always glad to cross the Finnish line.
25) Johnson installed the first Christmas tree with electric light bulbs.
26) 40, 320
27) Tinsel . . . It used to contain lead which is very poisonous. Nowadays, it’s made of plastic and the worst you can get from it is a bad case of tinselitis . . . Ho, Ho, Ho!
28) (B) . . . And to quote Desi Arnaz – I love Lucy!
29) Australia . . . Swagman is decked out in brown regalia with long, baggy shorts. At Christmas, he delivers his presents throughout the Land Down Under in his four-wheel drive vehicle.
30) You’d put it up Christmas Eve and take it down January 5th to coincide with the Twelve Days of Christmas