The Helpful Christmas Mouse

This can be used as a audience participation story by dividing the audience into three groups and asking each group to respond with one of the sounds shown below each time that word is mentioned in the story.

MOUSE: Squeak, squeak
SANTA: Ho, Ho, Ho
T’was the NIGHT before Christmas, and fast asleep in the house,
Was wonder of wonders, a little fat MOUSE.
A MOUSE sleeping at NIGHT; Oh, what a riot!
But the reason it happened – he was on a diet!
Now the MOUSE’s stomach began to hurt and growl,
But since he was dieting, at NIGHT he shouldn’t prowl.
Mom was so thoughtful before she retired that NIGHT,
And for dear old SANTA, she had left a bite.
That NIGHT is his dreams, the MOUSE’s nose did twitch,
As the smell of the food made him dream of a sandwich.
The more the MOUSE lay there and quietly slept,
The more the smell of food into his nostrils crept!
Soon the poor little MOUSE began to claw at his nose,
And he began to quiver from his head to his toes.
Though he was trying to sleep with all of his might,
His sleep had been ruined for the rest of the NIGHT.
So up the MOUSE got, and with a great big yawn,
He peeked out the window and there on the lawn,
He saw something there…indeed a strange sight,
For there sat old SANTA in the cold, dark NIGHT.
He was holding his bag, as if ready to leave,
But great salty tears were bouncing off his sleeve!
The MOUSE just stood there, as if in fright,
Trying to imagine what was wrong that NIGHT.
Then he crept to the door, and threw it open wide,
And motioned for SANTA to come and join him inside.
So SANTA came in and sat down with the MOUSE.
And confessed that NIGHT he felt like a louse.
He had eaten so much during the holiday season,
That he couldn’t go down the chimney – that was the reason.
So SANTA and the MOUSE made a contract that NIGHT.
That he would help SANTA make Christmas come out right.
Off they went together, old SANTA and that MOUSE,
To pay the yearly visit to each and every house.
The fat little MOUSE, so filled with delight,
Ate for old SANTA all the snacks left that NIGHT.
He had helped SANTA a Merry Christmas to give,
He’d just sacrifice…a fat MOUSE would live.