On the first day of Christmas, we hope we’re not to late to wish you
Merry Christmas with a festive paper plate (Christmas plates)

On the second day of Christmas hot cocoa you could drink. Just add a
little water form your kitchen sink (Cocoa mix and marshmallows)

On the third day of Christmas we wouldn’t feel right not wishing you a
Christmas that is Cherry Sprite (Cherry sprite or 7-up)

On the fourth day of Christmas we thought it may be right to include a
little something from the worlds first Christmas night (animated
Christmas story)

On the fifth day of Christmas a towel we give to you. It will dry your
Christmas dishes and a pot or pan too (dish towel)

On the sixth day of Christmas some fast food might be right on a busy
holiday night (gift certificate for Pizza or fast food)

On the seventh day of Christmas wouldn’t it be groovy to have a
wonderful snack and see a movie (gift certificate for movie rental and a

On the eighth day of Christmas, we thought a rootbeer float would strike
a pleasant note (ice cream and rootbeer)

On the ninth day of Christmas we want to send you shopping. Oh what the
heck, it sure beats mopping (grocery gift certificate)

On the tenth day of Christmas we thought some candy would be dandy (bag
of m&m’s)

On the eleventh day of Christmas, we looked for eleven lords a leaping
but all we could find was a Tom a peeping (small frozen turkey)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, we want to give to you a ton of best wishes, oh if only you knew (Forgotten Carols tape or book)