Gift for Daddy – Poem

Gift for Daddy

By Jana Jones Steed

Jana Jones Steed, “Gift for Daddy,” Friend, June 1990, 39
I love my daddy,
But I am so small.
What can I give him …
My old worn-out doll?

He’d like a computer
Or a car with some zip,
A stereo unit
Or a cruise on a ship.

I can’t give him those—
I haven’t a dime.
But though I’ve no money,
I have lots of time.

So I’ll make him a promise
Of things that I’ll do:
I’ll hug him and kiss him
When each day is through;

I’ll work hard in school,
Be kind to my brother,
Be reverent in church,
And obey my mother.

I’ll be all the things
That Dad wants me to be.
And each day I’ll love him
Just as he loves me.